Hatred should be neutralized by love

Ever since I had Burmese Font over my mobile phone I felt sick with the intensity and hatred against Muslims of Burma over  the online and social media.

But,  the true believers of any of the major faiths will never endorse the message of hate mongers,as hatred is against the teaching of all major faiths.

I do not hate any human because of his faith, but I do hate those who are pulling the strings, using the religion to cause hatred among people of different faiths.

I do believe that God created  a dimension known as hell,  mentioned in all major religions as a permanent abode for those hypocrites,who stay behind the mask and do evil deeds for their lust of power and material wealth.

In short, sincere believers of all major faiths will reject  hatred,  and look for forming bridges of understanding among different faiths.

To show the love and to act against hatred is the responsibility of all peace loving citizens of Burma, no matter how small we are in the society. If each and everyone of us start neutralizing hatred with love,… peace, democracy and humanity will  prevail for our future generations in Burma.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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