The Country I wish to see

During the crises, “ordinary people” of public tend to speak more, with emotion, and refuse to listen. Since people are emotional, their emotional talks or engagements in the society do not serve the purpose of solving the problem.

Burmese Government is obviously created, and creating, crises, make people emotional and wish innocent people to fight endlessly for the purpose of diversion of attention from them.

There are two kinds of groups, First group is problem makers, and the second, the majority, ordinary people of the state. To me, there is no point to talk or listen to the problem makers as their job is not to listen but to create more and more problems.

If you ask any ordinary Muslim of Burma, about his feeling,, he will tell you about “terror and fear” and “degrading into lesser human” or “severe identity crisis”. Legally they are Burmese citizens, but at the same time the whole nation is (through the various media) saying that they are unwanted people in Burma because of their faith; Islam.

At the same time the ordinary Burmese of all faiths and ethnicity, are also still living under “fear and uncertainty”.For them too, there seemed to be no hope to enjoy the freedom from the fear in the near future as promised by our most famous leader.

It is difficult to expect engagement (not only talking but also listening with patience) of sincere people within the country without emotion, but not impossible.

Serious engagement among community leaders should be done to detoxify the mind of Millions of people who are poisoned with ultra nationalism. Just to remind to people of all faiths that the current crisis is bad not only for Muslims of Burma, it is even worse for the whole nation and its future.

Future of Burma is not shiny as the crony’s news outlets deceive, but bleak as the country does not have efficient leaders to guide into global village of 21st Century. I wish we are not in the direction to the Stone Age!

I have never observed existence of any nation in the history becoming prosperous and developed by practicing racism and ultra nationalism. All developed nations accept multiculturalism, and success is through integration and peaceful cohesiveness of the people.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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