Save our kids’ brains before it is too late!

One full day of Internet use load to our brains more than one year of regular reading and social interaction a hundred years ago. Just think of young children loading every day all good,bad,and ugly infos from Internet to their clean brains. Later it will be pretty difficult to detoxify them , if you dont teach them real social interaction skills within family and with friends are superior to virtual friends with created profiles behind anonymity of Internet.Othetwise we will be seeing more robotic humans, lack of social skills in near future…and they may even not know how to show basic human emotions.

Teach your kids to value the wonder of Creation, by looking at stars at night explaining of Universe, bring them to see the flying birds and animals, waterfalls, rivers and oceans ..all are great wonders than what they see in the flat TV with special effects.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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