Are you looking for happiness ?


Are you looking for happiness ? or perfection on this earth.? You will never find an ideal, perfect state in mind as well as in material world. You will only find perfection in the Heaven, or the day we wake up after the death in the different dimension after the DAY OF JUDGEMENT.

Happiness ? Serenity ? Peace of mind? All these abstract values,although important state of mind  are not necessarily to be associated with the perfect state of material wealth. or knowledge, or level of education or status.

We should not wait for the day that we will be happy, once we touch such a target, but later you will find that there are millions of targets waiting for you to full fill your appetite of ego, never ending .!

So where is  the happiness?. You will find happiness in while struggling for the right direction, sometimes when you are in the great difficulty but you may find serenity there, paradoxical  irony, but that is the TRUTH, of why ALLAH SWT give all of us freedom of choice. That is to seek for divine guidance, to walk the path with REMEMBRANCE TO  HIM, be conscious and aware that we are being tested, for a purpose.

Yes we all have purpose of being created, and being tested. If you can find the balance of hope and fear, Insha Allah you will find serenity on the Earth and feel the Glad Tidings in the hereafter.

Allah knows the best.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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