Islam is Universal Faith

Allah SWT speaks to all mankind through the Holy Quran. He speaks not only to mankind but all beings seen and unseen from other dimensions and all other Universes.

The beauty of Islam is we can communicate with our own Creator directly by prayers, reading His revelation, the Holy book of Quran. My own experience with the Holy book is that when reading with sincerity I feel His presence, protected, and serenity and happiness.

For the doubters, there will be a veil covering the same book, and pages. No matter how much they  try to find , they will never find the true meaning and essence as their intention is to discredit and to find the fault in the book revealed through Prophet Mohammed ( PBUH).

I would like to invite sincere people who wish to know Islam, the TRUTH, and those who want to get peace of mind and serenity, please come forward to the path of Islam, the Universal faith, for all men, women of any race, any skin color, rich and poor, educated and unlettered, Islam is indeed easy for those who are sincere , who have balance of love and fear of the Almighty’s mercy and wrath.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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