Thought for the year 2013

I have decided to stay silence since last couple of months as I don’t have mood to write any meaningful post over my weblog. The other reason is , most of the readers are shifted to the social media ” Face Book” where anyone can say whatever they wish without authority,.. and with anonymity.

2013 is not a good year for Muslims of Burma. Discrimination against Muslims are still very  strong, and ongoing ; disguise as Nationalist movement.

Muslims of Burma are disunited and disorientated. I feel sick of personal attacks and disagreement over trivial matters turned into major fractures and fault lines among diverse Muslims of Burma, partly due to poor of understanding of the dynamic of the root causes of depopulation and genocide of our own people.

Blaming does not serve any good, but realising our own weakness and serious brain storming is essential to unite the Ummah. We need to come out of this grave situation before Burmese Muslims would become forever 2nd Class Citizens/ stateless or  in the worse case Scenario  may face the ” Extinction”.

May Allah grant unity and peace for Muslims of Burma and also to peace loving fellow citizens.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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