Islam and postmordernism


Islam and Postmodernism

I am writing this because there is this notion that postmodernism and Islam can coexist, and that the term “Postmodern Muslim” is a valid term that can be used. This is a short summary written in a FAQ form which perhaps can be used as guide the sincere seeker of Truth.

What is Postmodernism?

Postmodernist thinkers themselves cannot agree on what postmodernism is. We will thus have to examine the views of two of the most authoritative thinkers of postmodernism in explaining what may constitute as postmodernism as an ideology.

According to Lyotard, postmodernism is a sceptic worldview against Grand Narratives and the argument for a diversity of narratives where not one narrative can dominate. In the words of Foucault, “there is no truth with a capital T”; there is no Universal Truth out there. All there is are stories or interpretations of the truth that is shaped by the community and society propagating it.


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