Sincere advice to the Muslims of Burma

Allow me to tell all of you the following facts

  1. Islam is Universal faith transcends beyond the race, ethnic, geographic boundaries. In other words, we Muslim believe that Allah the creator of this earth, this universe and all the worlds, all seen and unseen, speaks not only to Muslims but to all mankind.
  2. There is no reason for Muslims of Burma to be defensive and apologetic about Islam, the faith which is followed by at least 1.5 Billion people of this earth.
  3. Thus when Islam is attacked we do not need to take a stand of minority but Universal, Allah revealed the Holy Quran for all mankind..
  4. I am sorry to read many of the face book posts in Burmese language taking a defensive position. Why we should be defensive when we are telling the Truth?. If we are afraid of power or symbol of power then we are committing a Sheirk ( the establishment of partners placed beside God)  against Allah.
  5. But when we discuss about differences in the society (cultural, social, identity, ect) then we can compromise many things which are not affecting the essence of Tawheed.
  6. The irony is whether we are defensive or apologetic or telling the truth, the mischievous people will continue with their plan, so the best thing is to stick to the truth, then try our best to live as dignified humans for this world and hereafter.
  7. I am sorry if you all think that I dare to write this because I am not living inside Burma and do not understand the enormous pressure and fear of our fellow brothers and sisters  living in Burma. I found profound insincerity of Burmese Government who claimed to be respecting  the freedom of worship but instead openly implicating genocide against Muslims of Burma.
  8. Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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