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URGENT APPEAL TO OIC to stop Myanmar from demolishing a Masjid

Now Myanmar Government is going to demolish the sealed masjid under the order of Racist Murderer Terrorist 969 leader fake monk Wira Thu.

Ya Mae Thin Kan Gyi Mosque news

On 2nd. April 2013, two former trustees and former Imam of the sealed Kan Gyi Mosque (Ya Mae Thin) were called by the Ya Mae Thin district Religious authority and ordered that Kan Gyi Mosque must be demolished. Asked whether the Muslims want to demolish on their own or Government has to do that demolition. The officer ordered the Muslim elders to reply not later than 3.00 PM on the 5th of April 2013.

Kan Gyee Masjid

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  1. Chin Thay says:

    Wirathu is appointed by the Govt . Thein Sein cannot arrest him. ICC can arrest them for genocide. Look for murderers the punishment was 3 months jail. For the muslim shop owner sentence was 1 4 years Jail. What laW IS THAT? The present leaders must be probed by ICC.

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