Allah’s retribution is mighty and unavoidable

I don’t know whether will they understand  the title of this post or not. They are those who killed innocent people in Burma just because their faith is Islam.

Not only they committed the greatest sin that is killing of innocent humanbeingss, but they also destroy and torch the place of worships, many Masjids, right now in Maikhthilar, a few weeks ago in a suburb of Yangon, a half year ago in Rakhine State.

They murdered, loot and destroy  the life of many, young and old, men and women, mothers and daughters, all of them for only one reason, that is their faith is Islam.

Myanmar after many decades under the Military rule, the same people under the heal of Military started killing their fellow citizens just because of faith and skin colour.

Do not underestimate the Mighty Power of Allah SWT, though you all have no idea because you failed to see. hear, and speak the truth, but you all will face the mighty retribution sooner or later for the misdeeds that you all committed.

May Allah punish those who are responsible in eternal Hell.


Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw oo

Who are they? this post


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