Yiwu is the ‘fastest growing Muslim community’ in China

Islam in China

The National, a newspaper from UAE, has a story on Muslims in the Chinese city of Yiwu.

Aisin-Gioro Baoquan, the imam of the Yiwu Mosque.

Yiwu is the ‘fastest growing Muslim community’ in China

Daniel Bardsley

Aug 12, 2012

YIWU, CHINA // Go back little more than a decade, and a group of Muslim residents in Yiwu, a city in eastern China, had to rent a hotel room so that they would have somewhere to pray.

As their numbers increased from about 100, they moved to a rented car park – but soon they had outgrown that, too, and worshippers spilt into the nearby street.

Today, the finishing touches are being put on a 25 million yuan (Dh14.4 million) mosque that is already being used by Yiwu’s Chinese, Arab and South Asian Muslim residents and visitors.

Yet despite the construction of the mosque, one thing has not changed. Such has been the growth of the city’s Muslim population…

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