Islamization , Is it possible in Burma ?

I wrote this post in 2009.  It sounded alarming on that particular point of the time but now that is undeniably possible Scenario that we all are facing in the year 2013.

There are a few people pulling the strings from behind to sow the hatred against Muslims in Burma, but all of us must aware that is the trap that they want all of us to fall.

All Muslims in Burma including leaders of the society should have wisdom to avoid the collision or falling into the planned trap by having more dialogues with our fellow Buddhist brothers. Interfaith dialogue and activities, together with other activities such as inviting non Muslims to Masjids to explain that all the accusations  against Muslims and Islam are wrong to the non Muslims people at the ground. Again all of should bear in the mind that those who actually involved in the conflicts are poor and uneducated, while those who are sowing hatred have their own ulterior motive, and they will be invisible..

We don’t need to be apologetic as we are not doing anything wrong, but keeping quiet or “passive laziness” will cause Muslims society in Burma to face more difficulties. So each and every Muslim of Burma  should start explaining their friends and neighbors regarding the true teaching of Islam, which is all about love and peace. If all of us are sincere, selfless, and change our  mind sets,Insha Allah, Muslims in Burma will be respected, with dignity and will contribute to the land they belong to.

True courage is not with the people who attack, insult the defenseless  and weak people. The true courage is the patience, and resilience  during the difficult time and acting  not emotionally but responding rationally.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Islamization, Is it possible in Burma ?


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