Thein Sein Myanmar Government’s ongoing genocide of Myanmar Muslims

What is happening right now in Myanmar is beyond the term of communal riots, it is “Planned Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing”, phase one is to eliminate all Muslims from Rakhine to become Muslim free State. Don’t talk only about racist Rakhines but the most responsible person for all these events is PM Thein Sein and his deranged Government. They have ton of experience of how to manage these kind of event and if they wish they can make the whole Raakhine in ” Law and Order” in a day, as they used to do from 1988 to 2007. I am really having problem with those who suffers SLORCMnesia! They are ex Generals, wearing mask to deceive the whole nation.They killed even Monks not long ago and now they make Monks to lead what they used to do.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Following post is a hasty compilation of the voices from ground Zero, un edited.












Kyut Phyu Town, Rakhine State, Myanmar.
5 Masjids (Mosques) had been burnt down by Rakhine Buddhist terrorists. All the local Muslim people had been killed except the local Muslim people who flee from sea side. The Authority (Militery and Police force) also involved and covered from side of Rakhine Buddhist terrorists.


Reporting by Htun Tauk


Kyauk Phyu Township

In Kyauk Phyu Township, Rakhine State, after burning down the West Ward Mosque by Rakhine terrorists last night, the authority
falsely arrested a young Muslim who was assigned as a guard for that mosque for this fire-raising. The authority accused him of this arson instead of catching true Rakhine terrorists who committed this. Now about 300 Rakhines coming from other townships are mobbing in Kyauk Phyu. Though military forces have covered the township, they cannot control the riot.

“Rakhine terrorist declared their plan to destroy Muslims’ houses by fire. The army forbade their plan. But they replied the army that they would not certainly obey the army’s command and surely burn down the Muslims’ properties. And they also challenged the army that the only way to stop their activity is shooting to kill them. Now, 7 trucks of soldiers are securing the township. Last night, while burning down the mosque in the West Ward, a car drove violently across the East Pipesite Ward with high speed up to three times. At the third time, the local people were shocked and so drove away. During this arson, another Rakhine terrorist groups from Sapyin Kwinn Village which is only separated from the West Ward by an old dried fish farm tried to involve in the attack on the West Ward. That’s why police force had to stop them. And an honest Rakhine secretly informed that terrorist groups would offend another attacks on Muslims at noon. So, we are now distressing,” a Kyauk Phyu resident worriedly said to M-Media.


Mayu Oo, Min Pyar Tonight

October 23, 2012, 9:50 Myanmar Standard Time
Reporting by Htun Taut

Rakhine extremists burnt down Thardar village at 4 PM today. More than 250 houses were set on fire, and more than 1,150 people had to flee the village.

Buddhist Rakhines also burnt down entire village named Kyait Taung at 4:15 PM today. M-Media learns that more than 170 houses were burnt and more than 1,000 people from the village are now on the run.

A resident in Mrauk U, who is also on the run, told M-Media “Rakhine terrorists are getting worse and worse. They now target Muslims towards genocide. I see that they will turn against Burmese after Muslims. Rakhines want to establish their own independent country. If the government cannot control now, I am sure their next target will be the Burmese”.

Muslims are having troubling communicating with people outside conflict areas as their communication has been blocked by the authorities.

M-Media gathers information that the military has confiscated telephones owned by Muslims. According to M-Media’s local contact, some of the confiscated phone numbers include 09-42171409709-42173508809-421735059, and 09-421741859.

Earlier today, Rakhines attacked and burnt down houses in Yaing Te village at 7 AM. Entire village was burnt to the ground. Rakhines beat up Muslims with sticks and chopped them with swords. Although the military came, it could not control the mob and therefore left the scene.

In Yaing Te village, more than 100 houses were destroyed, and more than 100 Muslims have been killed. The exact number of missing persons are not yet available.

The person name U Zaw Min Naing (HP +95 9 8510 357) who is head of the village was killed when he reporting to the “Rakhine Incident Investigation Committee” by his hand phone. Now the person, who killed U Zaw Min Naing, is using and holding U Zaw Min Naing’s phone and taking the news and spread fault news. Now The Military is arriving to Myay Pone Village. All Muslim have not been killed yet. Some few survivor left. From “Tike Gyi monastery “, Buddhist Terrorists shooting the iron ball with hand made wapon.

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