Myanmar Muslim Genocide Update

By M.S. Anwar

Wednesday, 24th October 2012
Mrauk-U, Arakan- According to the latest reports, Rakhine terrorists have already burnt down three Rohingya villages completely and other two Rohingya villages remained half-burnt. It is reported that more than 500 Rohingyas have been killed by Rakhine terrorists in cooperation with state government, police and military. In a village called Yaing Chay @Zailla Fara in Mrauk-U Township, police let Rakhine terrorists kill the remaining Rohingyas in the village by using cunning methods.

“Police had called them (remaining Rohingyas) out of their hiding places saying that they (Police) came to control the situation and would make truce between them and Rakhines. Believing what Police had said, Rohingyas came out of their hiding places. As soon as they came out, Police confiscated whatever weapons (i.e. knives and sticks) Rohingyas had and let Rakhine terrorists kill them. According to an escaped victim, the whole village Zailla Fara was burnt down and all of the villagers were killed” said Maung Maung Oo from Sittwe.

Besides, it is said that state minister of Rakhine state, U Tha Lu Chay himself killed many Rohingyas with the help of the police. At the moment, it is very difficult to get any news out of these regions as the authority is confiscating all the cellular phones that Rohingyas have so that they (Rohingyas) can be killed silently.
Kyauk Phyu, Arakan- There are total two Rohingya quarters and one Rohingya village in Kyauk Phyu township. Out of them, the village and a quarter were totally burnt down. More than 200 Rohingya homes have already been razed to the ground. We can’t confirm exact number of the deaths of Rohingyas at the moment. But a local of Kyauk Phyu fears that 100 Rohingyas have been killed by now. More than 1500 Rohingyas are floating in the sea not knowing where to go and other many thousands are pushed to the sea beach. Now, Rakhine terrorists with the help of the government are planning to kill all these people. And total five mosques were burnt down.

In Mre-Bun Township as well, thousands of Rakhine terrorists are surrounding Rohingya villages in the region.

Compiled by M.S. Anwar
mohammed sheikh Anwar <>


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