“Get Out OIC” Burma Rakhine women protest

Sittwe is the epicenter of recent anti Rohingya genocide in Rakhine State of Burma. Almost all the Muslim Rohingyas including well educated, business men to tri-shaw men, all are in isolated camps over crowded and cut off  not only from the rest of the world but to the nearest towns  they used to live a few months ago.

AungMingla Quatar is the only remaining Muslim enclave together with more than a century old Masjid only one spared from destruction and burning during recent premeditated attacks on Rohingyas and all the Masjids in Sittwe except the one in the following photo.


Aung Mingalar Masjid ( partially burned according to local source)

A few days ago, Rakkhine surrounded the last enclave  of Rohingyas ( Aung Mingalar Quatar) tried to  burn down the last remaining Masjid. All the local Rakhine wish all the Muslim Rohingyas to be in  isolated in camps, also demanded to remove from their acclaimed land of superior Rakahine race forever !

Rakkhine women were on the street again to demonstrate against opening of an OIC office in Sittwe, to help to reconcile between them. They shouted  ” Get Out OIC” slogans together with Get Out Rohingya, who according to the slogans in Burmese language equate status of dogs.

If we don’t call these ugly events racist genocide by ultra nationalist,  guided by well connected authoritarian mechanism still  very much alive not only in place of Rohingyas but also in other ethnic states such as kachin, Shan, and Karen state of so called Union of Burma, what will be the pleasant way of addressing this issues ?

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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