Ignorance is root cause of racism in Burma.

I am really fed up with political circus shows in Burma, all these kept on going ever since I was born, and I stupidly believed until a few months ago that it was about to be end, instead things are getting worse ! Yes.. if you all talk about democracy, I have every right to differ with the opinion of racists…all humans are equal, all faiths are holy, I do respect even someone who worship monkey because that is “His Right”.

I do not blame ignorant people who hate Islam or Muslims, but hatred is instigated with ulterior motive by authority and politicians of New Burma

I don’t believe the words of hypocrites and bigots who practice double standard including those holier than thou politicians. The truth stings thus my words will hurt all those xenophobic ultranationalist bigots and racists from Burma. For that no apology from my part.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo.

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