Why Turkey First Lady was crying together with a poor Rohingya villager of Burma ?

The crying person being consoled by Turkey FM is U Maung Maung, a Rohingya from Sittwe. His sister Daw Khin Shwe, a lecturer from Sittwe College lost two sons, a 21 years old graduate and 8 years old, were killed by Rakhine terrorists. Ko Maung Maung is the only survivor in his family, all 11 family members were killed by the racists in mini genocide in Rakhine( Arakan) Burma.

The following you tube video was uploaded, but translation was incorrect, omitting , and changing with pleasant words to cover up their atrocities. But what they are not aware is globalized world has big eyes and ears to get the right information.



Following is the comment of Dr Ko Ko Gyi over Face Book!

“Who is the translator?
Shamelessly COVER-UP with wrong translation.
The First sentence is,”We Muslims are suppressed” but the translator TWISTED the meaning and translated as, WE need assistance”.
Turkey and OIC must insist to send the Independent, efficient and experienced UN Investigation team.
Myanmar will try to cover up their crimes.
THIS IS THE PROOF that Myanmar Government is not sincere.”

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