Mass graves’ for Myanmar’s Rohingya


Rohingya refuges are carried away to another temporary shelter in Sittwe

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Exclusive report from Rakihne state exposes an entire region divided by religious and racial discrimination. ( Aljazeera News)


“An ethnic Rakhine soldier from the 352 Light Infantry Battalion claimed he and his comrades killed “300 Rohingya” from Myothugyi village near the area of Three Mile between Buthidaung and Maundaw townships on the night of June 8.

The soldier, whose name has been withheld, explained that the killings took place when hundreds of Muslims blocked and tried to overwhelm the truck carrying his unit. The victims were unaware the truck, a civilian vehicle used for road construction, was carrying soldiers.

“I put the butt of my gun here at [the right side of] my waist and shot down many Muslims while keeping my left hand on magazines so that I could quickly fill up my bullets,” said the soldier, now stationed at a village outside Maungdaw.

“There were so many dead bodies that we even had to call in a bulldozer to make a mass grave.”
Another ethnic Rakhine soldier boasted that he and his troops killed an uncountable number of Rohingya in the village of Nyaung Chaung in the countryside around Maungdaw during the early June crackdown.

“We have even still kept this from our [commanding] officers,” he said.”


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