All Praises be to Allah

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Merci-giving

All praise belongs to God, who has lavished His favors on His servants, filling their hearts with the light of religion and its duties, sent down from the Throne of Glory to the heavens of this world by the steps of Mercy.

One mark of His compassion: in contrast to earthly kings, through Majesty and might belongs to Him alone, He urges the people to bring their pleas, saying “Will anyone call that I may answer Him?                               “Will anyone seek My forgiveness, that I may forgive him?” Unlike the rulers of this world, He keeps an open door and does not screen Himself away.

He allows His servants to converse with Him intimately in their Prayers, under all circumstances, be they in Congregation or Isolation.

Not merely allowing, indeed He gently urges and invites. How different are those feeble worldly kings, who grant an audience when they have received a gift or bribe!

Glory to Him, therefore so grand is His sublimity, so strong in His authority, so perfect in His graciousness, so All –embracing in His goodness. Blessing and salutation to Muhammed, His chosen Prophet and selected friend, to His family and Companions, those keys of right guidance and lanterns in the dark.

( Immam Al- Ghazali)


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