Analysis of Myanmar Muslims Massacre

(The intention of writing this post is not to spread the hatred between different ethnic groups, races and religions of Myanmar. This weblog’s name, “Words of Love,”  reflects the purpose which is to spread the love among all of us, all mankind. However when people start sowing hatred against any race or religion, I am obliged to seek the Truth and Justice. That is the reason I’m writing this post.) KyawKyaw Oo

On May 28th, a young lady was Murdered at Kyauk Ni Maw Village Rakhine  State, Myanmar. It was a tragic and ugly event.

Barely one week after the tragic death of young lady, on  3rd of June, ten innocent Muslims were beaten to death by 300 angry mobs at Taung Goke, Rakhine State, about ten miles from where the alleged murder case had taken place. It was even worse because all these people were mercilessly butchered to death because of the instigation against Muslims initiated by a racist Rakhine news portal known as Narinjara news, followed by many local online news and journals.

Narinjara, a Rakhine newsportal reported the tragic murder case  as a racial and religious crime by repeatedly accusing and posting the crime as being committed by “Muslim Kalars” ( Kalar is a derogatory word for Muslims of Myanmar similar to ‘Nigger’ to the black American in the US).

Instead of following the responsible journalist guidelines, the news portal directly and indirectly instigated hatred among different faiths of people living together for several years by using the word, ‘Muslim Kalar’  repeatedly.

Normally, the alleged culprits should be addressed as suspects, and their identity should be withheld until the court proceeding starts. The worse intentional mistake was when the accused names’ were released together with their faith and race (Muslim Kalar) by the said news portal.

Planned Instigation of religious hatred and evidence

It was neither a mistake nor a coincidence. It was a planned instigation of hatred against Muslims in Myanmar. The following are links that the ‘Narinjara’ posted irresponsibly to instigate hatred against Muslims.

Sixteen year-old girl raped and murdered in Yanbye

Words used for instigation:

Raped near Kalar Village (Muslim Village)

Raped by three Kalars  (Three Muslims)

Age of victims was wrong (Rushed reporting)

People of Yanbye protest for rape and murder victim

The following words are used repeatedly to sow the hatred against Muslims:

arrested Kalars ( Muslim youths):

before rape and murder case  villagers of Kalar ( Muslim village) always disturbs  those who bypass the village. Combination with repeated usage of Muslim Kalar , instigated normally nonviolent people living together for many years to become violent thugs

Tragic consequences

It was sad to hear that a woman was raped and murdered. But even before the police started the investigation, the culprit’s identities were published together with their faith and religion (Islam/Muslim) and they were guilty even before the angry mobs, who were mostly Rakhine Buddhists.

Photos of the culprits were freely floating over Internet, journals, followed by uncensored comments which were full of hatred not only against alleged culprits but also to all Muslims of Myanmar, and even to the  Prophet Mohammed and Islam.( I do not have sympathy to all accused and I wish death sentence for the criminals if they are found guilty, because the crime they allegdly commited caused eleven innocent lives.)

This is obviously an instigation of hatred against Muslims of Myanmar also intentionally cooperated by other major news portals where the editors allowed all hate comments against Muslims of Myanmar with profanity. The worst comments were the insults to our Holy Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) and to Islam.

The main culprits were not only the 300 mobs who ruthlessly killed ten innocent Muslim travelers, but also the news portal Nirajana and associate news portal which instigated the hate crime against the Muslims of Myanmar.

Myanmar Official news blunder


The article above is an official newspaper report of Taung Gote Massacre. The news added the salt upon the wounds of all Muslims of Myanmar by saying all the dead people were Muslim Kalars, which Ko Mya Aye, an 88-student leader said he was shocked to read the news in that manner. Later, the Ministry of Information apologized and corrected the news with the words, “Islam living in Myanmar. Even the government apologized and corrected the usage of  ‘Muslim Kalar’. The  Narinjara news, News Portal should immediately apologize for their words of hatred.


I am writing this post only for the purpose of finding truth and justice. The Myanmar Government has formed an Independent commission to inform the findings and recommendation to the President before the end of this month. I found no Muslim representative in the commission. We need to monitor the purpose of forming this commission whether that is to justify and cover up the killing, or really transparent to prevent the same tragic event in future. The role of the media is very important in this kind of hate crimes against race and religion as Myanmar’s current constitution clearly recognized freedom of worship of all faiths in the country. I hope those who are responsible directly and indirectly should be punished according to the law without fear or favor to prove the world that the Government and the people of Myanmar really love democracy and justice.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

 Information credit to

Update..There were communal riots between Rohingya Muslims and Rakhine Buddhist almost spontaneously after Taung Goke Massacre. Please read Burma’s irresponsible media to understand what happened next, as hate crimes and racist instigation are still  very much in the process of unfolding in Burma!


2 thoughts on “Analysis of Myanmar Muslims Massacre

  1. Farah says:

    I am so disappointed. And hoping that the Government ll take some considerable steps to stop killing Innocent people in Burma but The silence form the Government seems to be an alarm for the Muslims.

  2. soeaung768 says:

    It is alarming and worrisome and my heart sink with sadness.For decades me and my parents lived in a small town in central Myanmar,all our neighbours are Buddist Myanmars.We played together,went to Pwes together,schooled together and so on.Eids we shared foods,Kahtein we feast together.But after school working at a government office I can not get promotion even after more than ten years and all my Buddist freinds advised me to quit the job and look for advancement elsewhere.Their explanation was simple.You are Kalar and Public Service Commision very rarely(if not at all)promote kalars to officer status. And then came Taungu massacre,Kyauk Se massacre and riots at many towns against muslims.Accusation is kalars insulting sangha,destroying budda statue,raping buddist woman..But their main target seemed to be to demolish mosques and to loot or destroy muslim properties.All these happened in socialist and dictatorship time and it looks like some sick mind or wicked being planning and instigating antimuslim campaign,something like Hitler’s infamous FINAL SOLUTION. Then came so called democratization and Rakhine massacre.Yes somebody is cooking some black magic potion and surely it is not good for all Myanmar people.

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