Myanmar Muslims Massacred, Hate Crime caused ten innocent lives

Everyrthing unfolding after a young lady was raped and brutally murdered in a remote village known as Kyauk Ni Maw, Rakhine state, Myanmar on 28.5.2012.

I was angry. I was sorry for her and her family. No true Muslim with the knowledge of Holy Quran will commit such a heinous crime as Allah SWT clearly taught us ” Killing of an innocent life is as though killing a whole mankind”.

Three suspects were arrested, all were claimed to be Muslims. Local report said the main culprit Htet Htet was born to a Rakhine Buddhist couple, and was later adopted by a Muslim family.

Most of the Myanmar Media covered the news as a crime of Muslims against Rakhine Buddhists. Most of the local journals which recently got press freedom from the Reclusive censorship board reported the news in an unethical manner.

Ultranationalists posted comments that bluntly blamed all the Muslims of Myanmar for alleged rape cum murder. Moreover hate mails and comments insulting not only Muslims but to the Prophet Muhammed ( PBUH) and Islam were uncensored.

Promotion of Hatred against Islam and Muslims gained momentum in a couple of days, thanks to new press freedom in Myanmar. Articles and posts that sowed hatred against Minority Muslims pop up everywhere while most of the local and exile media were passively helping ( By allowing to say whatever against  Islam, Prophet and even to the Creator/ all hate messages in their online comments) and  none of the editors said that it is wrong.

“Planned Massacre”

On the evening of 3rd of June, a mini Bus carrying passengers from Thandwe to Yangon through trans Yoma highway was stopped by 300 odd angry mobs at Taung Gote. It was around 5 pm, the bus attendant tried to calm down the crowd who were looking for Muslim passengers while the lady, the owner of  the bus, tried to lock the doors of the bus. The driver desperately looked for the way out, but his bus was blocked by two cars one at front and another at back. They were trapped.

Then the mobs broke the door of the bus and pulled down ten Muslim passengers who were on the way back home after a religious function.

They were beaten to death immediately. The bus assistant was the next target. Stunned by the act of the mobs, he was also beaten to death.

Then the mobs drank and danced around the corpses at road side. They urinated and vomited over the dead bodies, according to the eye witness.


The victims had nothing to do with the rape and murder of the Rakhine lady. They were travellers, on the way back home from Thandwe. The only thing is that their faith is Islam and they are Muslims of Myanmar.

I have no intention to defame any race or religion of Myanmar, but the truth is that Muslims were killed in Myanmar because they are Muslims. There are many open hate letters over the Internet and weblogs, some even with names and contact numbers, offering reward money to kill Muslims in Myanmar. No actions were taken against these kind of open threats to Muslim Community of Myanmar.

I would like to know the source of those who sow the hatred to Muslims of Myanmar. They are just like other people of Myanmar, lived under Military Dictator, and suffered the hardship same as the rest of people of the country. Now, we are seeing the dawn of democracy in Myanmar, but it seems that there are groups of people behind this very ugly, barbaric and tragic events, for their own ulterior motive.

I hope the rule of law will find those responsible and punish them accordingly. But they will face the absolute justice once time is over on this earth.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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2 thoughts on “Myanmar Muslims Massacred, Hate Crime caused ten innocent lives

  1. Ian, Malaysia says:

    This is very terrible. I am a Christian from Malaysia and I am appalled by it. I have read of the same kind of horrible thing happening to Christian minorities in Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist countries, and I totally sympathise with Burmese Muslims in this matter.

    When will people learn? You cannot hate another person because they have the same religion/race/whatever as the person who commits a crime. Arrest and punish the criminal, but leave innocent people who just happen to be in the same religion/race/whatever alone!

  2. Ian, Malaysia says:

    P.S. The media people who demonise all the people in a particular category like that are also to blame. (Just like some of our Malay newspapers here, though not as bad because Malaysian Malays are not so likely to kill non-Muslims just because they’re not Muslims.)

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