Why did Allah create Satan?


No (1) We will never know the reason as human logic is limited ( It only works with the data from available dimensions, the answer we required  is beyond human comprehension, as we have no knowledge of Almighty’s will. )

No (2) Since, we are given free will to think and choose between right and wrong, analyzing the philosophies regarding above question with our limited knowledge should not be against teaching of Islam. Islam preaches to seek  the Truth.

Logical problem of Evil ( Wikipedia)

  1. If an all-powerful and perfectly good god exists, then evil does not.
  2. There is evil in the world.
  3. Therefore, an all-powerful and perfectly good god does not exist.

According to above Philosophy, if the God is perfect there is no reason to create an Evil, or Evil will never exist together with perfect God.


  1. God exists.
  2. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good.
  3. A perfectly good being would want to prevent all evils.
  4. An omniscient being knows every way in which evils can come into existence.
  5. An omnipotent being, who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, has the power to prevent that evil from coming into existence.
  6. A being who knows every way in which an evil can come into existence, who is able to prevent that evil from coming into existence, and who wants to do so, would prevent the existence of that evil.
  7. If there exists an omnipotent, omniscient, and perfectly good being, then no evil exists.
  8. Evil exists (logical contradiction).

William L .Rowe

  1. There exist instances of intense suffering which an omnipotent, omniscient being could have prevented without thereby losing some greater good or permitting some evil equally bad or worse.
  2. An omniscient, wholly good being would prevent the occurrence of any intense suffering it could, unless it could not do so without thereby losing some greater good or permitting some evil equally bad or worse.
  3. (Therefore) There does not exist an omnipotent, omniscient, wholly good being.[

Paul Draper

  1. Gratuitous evils exist.
  2. The hypothesis of indifference, i.e., that if there are supernatural beings they are indifferent to gratuitous evils, is a better explanation for (1) than theism.
  3. Therefore, evidence prefers that no god, as commonly understood by theists, exists.

Above are a few examples of some Philosophers who refute the existence of God by using the limited logic they are granted by the Mercy of Almighty.

All Muslims accept,

  1. Existence of Allah Swt
  2. Also accept that Satan is created by Allah

But we do not have logical crises.

Now I will propose my argument to all those refutation by my little knowledge that Allah SWT granted to me.

According to Holy Quran Allah creates,

  1. Angels
  2. Jinns
  3. Humans

The latter two have free will, when Angels are created to serve the purpose of Allah SWT.

Again the argument is from where this Satan originated?  In Holy Quran Allah SWT revealed that Iblis( Satan) is from the group of Jinn who refused the command of Allah to prostrate Adam (May peace be upon Him).

The point here is without the permission of Allah SWT, Satan will never appear on this Universe. So, why did Allah allow the presence of Satan as a being that will make all of us astray?

Allah creates Human in the best form, and Allah wants his servant souls to return to Him in the best form. Without the free will, and without the challenge from the Satan, how will be a person can transform into a better person?

“Indeed, We have created the human being upon the best of forms. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low, except those who believe and do good, for they shall have an unending reward. So who henceforth will give the lie to you about the judgment? Is not Allah the Best of Judges? [Sūrah al-Tīn: 4-8]”

Allah gives all of us the choice. It is true that Allah allow Satan to whisper into our ears to choose the wrong way, but those who seek the TRUTH, and always ASK for the Divine Guidance with Sincerity, to them Allah will elevate into the best Human, even higher than the status of Angels.

Allah tests among all of us who behave the best.

Without presence of Satan, how will a human be in a position to be tested and judged? Then, Humans will be the same as Angels, without facing any challenges, and just perform the duty they are assigned to.

In contrast, human are assigned many tasks in their life long journey, added with distraction of Satan. Personality of a human develops when he face the challenges, is the well known fact to all of us. If a person is dutiful in his assigned tasks, at the same time able to overcome continuous challenges of Satan, definitely he will become a best human to return to the Creator Allah SWT.

We see all these as Miseries from our perspective, but in reality those who persevere will prevail on the Day Of Judgment.

That is the purpose of Creation of Satan, I believe.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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