The Fool of Arabia, Gaddafi

I have started writing this post just after listening the live telephone speech of  Gaddafi from Aljazeera, and BBC news. I do not want to waste my time and my readers’ time by writing a post about a fool. But when the fool is having live coverage of  media access to the whole world, I feel duty-bound to denounce him as a ” Fool of Arabia “.

I think he is only comparable to Idi Amin of Uganda in modern-day history for leaving their legacies  as Megalomeniacs. I have a Palestinian academician friend who was born and brought up in Libya. Now he is in his mid thirties and he is still stateless. He could not go back to Libya to see his parents, and he told his life in Libya was as though on a ride of roller coaster, depending on the mood of Gaddafi. If he is not angry things were fine, but if he got angry the lowest strata of Libya suffers the most.

Now he is talking all nonsense when his own people were killed by mercenaries , bombed by fighter jets, shelled by the tanks. He does not know that the whole world is watching both sides of Libya with shock and awe.

Gaddafi will be remembered in history as a Fool of Arabia.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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