Soldiers for People, Egypt

We all have witnessed unexpected political change in Middle East and Africa started from Tunisia spread to Egypt and many other countries where dictators took the helm  of their countries for several decades.

Egyptian showed this whole world how real Muslims behave and fought against tyrant. The following photos copied from Bigpicture photo blog tells more than thousands of words of Egypt Revolution.

Both soldiers and protesters performed Friday prayer together at Tahir Square

A Soldier gets a rightful honor from Egyptians..

Muslims do not miss obligatory prayer even during the protests..

Egyptian youths  effectively used IT technology in revolution..

Crying while praying to Al Mighty Allah SWT

Finally cry of joy and jubilant..

Photo source Bigpictures photoblog

May Allah bless all oppressed Muslims fighting for their rights and grant with Peace and Prosperity.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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