Cause of Sins and forgiveness in Islam

Causes of sins done by mankind is due to whispering of Satan.

In the Holy Quran  Allah SWT says,

Surah 4:119

“I will mislead them,

And I will create

In them false desires; I will order

Them to slit the ears of Cattle,

And to deface

The fair nature created by Allah.

Whoever, Forsaking Allah,

Takes Satan for a friend, hath

Of a Surety suffered

A loss that is manifest.”

Surah 4:120

“Satan makes them promises,

And create in them false desires;

But Satan’s promises are nothing

But deception.”

Above two verses of the Holy Quran clearly stated how Satan is going to lead the mankind to the wrong path. It is by whispering into one’s inner self.

Satan will whisper to create false desires in all of us,( Surah 4:120) . False desires will create short-term happiness. If a person follows the whispering of Satan, he will commit sins and that has to be paid back on the Day of Judgment. However Allah SWT may not punish immediately for a sin as men were created weak and forgetful, according to the Holy Quran.

Drug and Alcohol addiction, promiscuity, adultery, gambling are the profound examples of the acts that are outcome of false desires.

Allah gives us a clear guide-book known as the Holy Quran to protect us from whispering of Satan. Allah SWT clearly warned that Satan will try again and again to mislead all of us, however with the knowledge of the Holy Quran a person will immediately aware that once Satan whispers to his inner self.

And Allah, All Merciful give us a grace period for all of us to repent the sins we all have committed in this life. Allah promise forgiveness to those who repent with sincere heart.

We still have time to purify our souls as Allah SWT gives all of us grace period to reflect and ponder our misdeeds.

By avoiding the sins and asking forgiveness for the sins that we have committed, and by doing good deeds, if Allah wills He may erase and forgive our sins.

We all have chance given by Allah that is postponement of the time of punishment. So all of us should take this opportunity by not listening to whispering of Satan and erase our sins by doing  good deeds before Angel of death knocks the door to follow him for the eternal journey.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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