Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s Words of Love

About Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s Words of Love,

Everything started with my principal against discrimination. I came into this blogosphere at the time people started blogging in Internet for two way communication.

Initially I wrote about my country, about democracy and human rights issues. It was quite weird to find out that some of those who are shouting loud about democracy, equality and fundamental human rights were bigots.

After spending almost a year in a pathetic place in Internet known as a blog ( block) writing foolishly, I have decided to stop as my poor old blog did not serve it purpose.

Then, I decided to start writing about Myanmar Muslim Minority (MMM).It was not easy job as all three Ms are nicely fit into discriminated groups both in domestic and international fronts.

Anyway, after three years, my Blog is still alive, with healthy readership. There were many new friends, many brothers and sisters were found through the “words of love” of this blog.

I would like to thank all of you for your tireless support to Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s words of Love.

May Allah bless all of us with Mercy, Unity and Glad Tidings.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo

2 thoughts on “Kyaw Kyaw Oo’s Words of Love

  1. navedz says:

    As-salaam wa-alaikum Brother,

    My sincere wishes are with you. May your effort be realized in the hereafter. Ameen!

    Keep up the good work, considering you putting up for the MMMs, is in itself a great task to attempt!

    JazakAllah khair!!

  2. kyawkyawoo says:

    W Salam Wbt

    Dear brother Navedz,

    I should write something about how I managed to get the name ” Words of Love” to the readers. Your blog gave me great inspiration to start writing for the sake of Muslim Minority, with ” Love”.
    Islam is all about Humanity, Love and Mercy from the Creator Allah SWT. The more we read and we write about Islam, the more we know about Oneness of Creation and Humanity.
    May Allah Bless you brother,

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