Satan is everywhere!

“Hey, nowadays Satan is everywhere and be careful”. A friend of mine used to mumble those words frequently. He was right. With globalization, traveling speed of Satan is much faster than ever, in the history of mankind.

Satan can be found, within the books, over the Internet, inside the shopping malls, over the congested road, inside mass transit trains, even in the deep sea, and over the space.

Am I a Pessimistic person?

There are people out there, saying “Computers “are “ Dajal” or TVs are “ Dajal”. These people seemed to forget the fact that because of the Internet and TVs, we are able read the Holy Quran online, able to listen Athan, and even able to listen live Friday Sermons from other countries . Because of one eye monitor, we are able to learn…any subjects that we wish over the Internet.

Satan, as my friend said is waiting , quietly and silently, at any place to attack all of us. During the Stone Age, Satan might probably be waiting in the jungles or caves to instigate the wars among cave people. Since early 20th Century, with dramatic increase of urban population, Satan left jungle and migrated to the places I have mentioned earlier.

Let’s think rationally. Is it possible that Satan lay low, in a restaurant or in a fast food out let?

Let’s say you are a forty years male, obese guy who never does proper exercise for years. You are over- weight, and your doctor told you to avoid fatty foods, fast foods, and soft drinks. There, you are attracted by the smell of fries, and visual of Burgers. You let yourself eat big double beef burger with soda. some French fries. Fries are little salty but tasty. You said ‘ Ah..this should be the last time I ate this “ Then you left with your friend who offered a cigarette. You remembered that your doctor asked you to quit smoking, but you thought this was the last cigarette you would be smoking.

True enough, just about an hour later; you felt sharp pain under your breast bone. You were sweating, and felt giddy. The pain was unbearable, crushing from the front to the back of your chest. You became panic, tried to call an ambulance. You started vomiting, all that you have eaten an hour ago. Your extremities were getting cold, and breathing became very difficult. Then…you left this world, before the ambulance and paramedic arrived.

Where was the Satan?. How did he attack you?

Is it fate? Yes… your time of death is fixed when you are born. But Allah is all Merciful. Your destiny is with Allah. Allah knows you well, and guides you except from those who are defiantly disobey.

Some are attacked by Satan in online. Satan guides you away from good Internet sites to XXX sites. Your eyes glued to computer screen. You get excited, and decided to look for something that you saw in computer. You paid and you got what you want, together with HIV, Genital Herpes, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. Well, you could not find Satan online but He attacked you when you were off guard.

Satan attack you to,

Eat extra calories of food to eat until you die of heart attack or stroke,

To read books or make you surf Internet until you contracts a deadly disease due to promiscuity,

Frustrate while driving in traffic jam, until you fight with somebody because of minor accident,

Start drinking alcohol until ended up fighting with your wife that lead to a divorce,

Decide as a powerful leader to wish to live with power forever, causing millions of people’s lives miserable,

Force as a leader of a powerful nation, wish to rule the earth, cause billions of life miserable, because of the process, Known as wars.

There were Colonial wars, Crusade Wars, World Wars, Cyber Wars, Tribal Wars, Narco- Wars, many wars that killed billions of human lives.

Where is Satan? Satan was nowhere to be seen in all these events but as Allah reminded in the Holy Quran, he was the culprit. Those who associated with him became his partners. He was there since creation of Adam until the last Day. But all of us were blind in our inner selves, with selfishness, greed, and all the attributes favorable for Satan to instigate.

Do not let our mind to instigate by Satan. Satan is everywhere, but if people do not allow him to instigate their mind, followed by action, Satan is powerless. Satan is everywhere only because people allow them   to instigate their mind.

Do not allow Satan to disturb your mind. How? By reading the Holy Book known as Holy Quran where Allah SWT mentioned every detailed about Satan. If you want to know more about how to avoid Satan, it is only a mouse click away from you. There are links over my right side bar of this web log to Holy Quran, in Burmese and English translation with Arabic Texts. Tanzil Quran link even let you to listen the beautiful recitation while reading the Holy Book.

May Allah help all of us to avoid the path of Satan, and forgive our sins. Ameen.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


3 thoughts on “Satan is everywhere!

  1. Mei Mei says:


    လာဖတ္သြားပါတယ္။ (Do not allow Satan to disturb your mind. How? By reading the Holy Book known as Holy Quran where Allah SWT mentioned every detailed about Satan. ) ဒီေနရာေလးကို သေဘာက်တယ္။ ဆက္လက္ျပီးေရးရန္အားေပးသြားပါတယ္။


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