Reconciliation–noun act of reconciling or the state of being reconciled.
2.the process of making consistent or compatible.

It has been for a while  that I was unable to upload any new posts due to

various reasons. Well, now I am little free to do blogging again.

The word reconciliation comes to my mind. Reconciliation is the word that

people finally agree to a term agreeable to the both parties. We need to

do a lot of reconciliation at work, in economy and  society, and even at blogosphere.

When we talk about  reconciliation  it does not mean that one has to compromise everything in that process. One may need to compromise in

a way that does not cross the line of values and principles while trying to reconcile. Again diplomacy is the word, to me commonly used by the fence sitters without strong principles and I hate it.

I am pretty sure all of you may think what is the idea behind this post.The

idea is reconciliation without compromising the principles and values with any party is good, but…reconciliation with giving away all your principles and values is BAD..and I think everybody should know this.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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