An Open letter to Dr Zakir Naik and Sharuk Khan

I have found this you tube video “Breaking the Stereotype” debate or discussions among Indian famous celebrities and scholars over the one of the Indian TV Channels.

Among the participants, I only know Dr Zakir Naik and Sharuk Khan. Forgive me for unfamiliarity with most of them as I seldom watch Bollywood Movies. However, I have watched Sharuk Khan’s recent movie “My name is Khan”. To be honest, I have found that movie seems to have good intention to forge the bridge between different faiths. The theme of the movie is against stereo typing and profiling all Muslims as terrorists and extremists. Only the last part of the movie was with excessive dramatization, again which is also seems to be norm for Bollywood movies.

I have given credit to Sharuk Khan and all those responsible for producing this movie at the time when most of the Muslim celebrities are trying to distance the faith and their business.

Dr Zakir is well-known for his famous comparative religious lectures and Dahwa activities. He is a great orator and a genius as he could memorize and able to use the relevant verses from Holy Quran, Bible and other scriptures during his lectures and debates.

However, when I watched this youtube video series of “Breaking the Stereotype” I found that the moderator  or  the host, lady was unfair to Dr Zakir Naik. She did not give Dr Zakir, chance to give his stand and frequently and rudely interrupted Dr Zakir’s words.

I found Sharuk Khan being very honest in answering questions, and of course the show was centered for Sharuk Khan,but he did not take advantage of giving extra time to joke with the host.

To me, the organizers of this show and especially the moderator have tried to create the “Moderate Muslim exclusive Class” by showing Sharuk Khan.

Sharuk Khan openly admitted that he is not a scholar, and even he could not pray (Namaz) regularly. But he is proud to be a Muslim, he said.

Normally actors, singers and celebrities have no time to study religion, forget about practicing, as their nature of work is far from religious rituals. Thanks to Sharuk Khan for standing up as a Muslim, but at the end of the day he will be judged according to his deeds by the Creator of all mankind.

For Dr Zakir, he chose to sit down and speak with the people with the different wavelength of understanding. By saying so, I am not portraying Dr Zakir  as an extremist as some of you may think. He can not run away from the Truth that is from the Holy Quran.If Moderate  Muslims  are interpreted as somebody who has faith but do not practice Islam according to the teaching of Holy Book, it will be flawed message audience will receive.At the same time Fundamentalists are not those peace loving Muslims , pray five times a day, wearing Hijab, paying Zakat,  fasting, and performing pilgrimage, as they are merely following the guidelines according to the teaching of the Holy Quran.

I am not a scholar and I do not know much about Indian politics. I am writing this post for two outstanding Muslims from India, Dr Zakir Naik and Sharuk Khan. I am proud for both of you, but I wish both of you to speak in a private, next time,.. for the sake of innocent admirers not to get confused about Islam.People do take advantage of sincere personalities.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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