Behind the Naked story

A few days ago more than five thousand people in Australia removed their clothes, posted to acclaim for a world biggest gathering of nude photo shot.

Not so long ago, Tiger Wood, who admitted sex addiction and adulterous relationship with numerous women, was advised not to repent by a materialist group from Europe. Instead they have advised Tiger to enjoy free sex, and claimed that Men are by default adulterous in nature.

This two news, (I intentionally omit the links) will have great impact on billions of youths who are of sexually active age.

The difference between human and animal is having intelligence. This intelligence brings all mankind to the status where we are in the 21st Century.

Removing the clothes that cover the private parts of the Men and Women was encouraged by the world media as a form of performance art. If five thousand people were willing to remove their clothes for the sake of breaking a world record, in future we expect to see five million people gather to post as nude, to break the record from an another part of the world.

This is the period where most of the women are persecuted for covering their body parts. The simple logic will tell you that covering is right and revealing is wrong. Those who exposed the shameful body part are applauded in the name of “human right” where as those who decided to cover their body parts are portrayed as “ back ward” and frowned upon by the so-called “ Free Society”.

In reality, more women in the west were abused their right by the group disguised as the promoters of “free society” for the multi billion dollar business purpose.
Women photos in revealing postures were used for advertisement to prostitution to rake the profit. Thus they were being used as objects or commodity for flesh trade!

Free sex is the other way of abusing women. Women were finally ended up with unwanted pregnancy and HIV, AIDS. The children born out of wed log will eventually ended up in orphanages, the desperate young mother with emotional  stress ended up as drug user or easily persuaded into vice activities.Teenage abortion and infanticide is on the rise among developed countries. Strange enough, these results were not included in overall infant mortality rate of said developed countries.

Islam has simple but well defined dress code for men and women. Unlike, other societies, the dress code is in the form of divine revelation. Genuine Muslim men and women will never think of these kind of activities even in their dream.

I am aware that this post is a boring stuff for the youth, but my point here is only the True Religion of Creator will save you from these kind of social ills, and prevent all mankind from doing such a shameful thing that will even not seen in the world of animals.

Try to gather any kind five thousand warm-blooded animals, to post for photo shot in an extremely cold winter morning. I think it will be a nightmare for the organizer of animal event, but human event was so easy, numerous photo shot of desired positions were ordered and obeyed by five thousand human beings.

Do you think they have intelligence?


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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