Movie Avatar is all about love, humanity and justice

Finally, I watched Avatar movie  in a theater. Immediately I was absorbed into the imaginary world, created by James Cameron.

The movie is all about love, humanity and justice.

I have found  the view of  Omar Mozaffar, an American Muslim , in Chicago Sun Time on line news.

He said,

“And, that brings me full circle. My heart races when I see a beautiful moment of cinematography. My heart races when I notice an excellent edit. My heart races when an actor or actress exercise the craft. But, when film takes me to worlds beyond my imagination it is far more exciting. And, when a movie takes my in-exile self into new worlds within the human heart, showing me dimensions of humanity and the human experience, it is as though the Divine is whispering through these visions of light. ”

Watch the following youtube  video, Omer Mozaffar, a Pakistani-Chicagoan, discuss Avatar.

I think his view on the movie reflects the majority Muslim’s view of  the movie Avatar. I wish, this movie will shake the mental numbness of the people  from the west against Islam. The might is always not right . Sincerity, love and the sense of Justice will only hold the mankind together with peace.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


One thought on “Movie Avatar is all about love, humanity and justice

  1. Allrock123 says:

    Why does everyone who reviews Avatar claim its a film about the United States “Here the bad guys are the American busness, and milltary” In Avatar the “Bad guys are RDA and if you look at the description of this corporation you will find it is huge a “muti-nationa”l company film points a finger at “humanitys values” not just a single political loyalty.

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