Letter from U Soe Lwin ( Nyein Chan Electric)

Allah SWT arrange things according to His will.

When I started writing this blog two years ago,I searched forthe Holy Quran translation in Myanmar language, available online.

Then I found U Soe Lwin’s( Nyein Chan Electric) www.quraninburmese.com.

Last month I received an email saying that Holy Quran’s Tafsirs were available in audio format online.Last month, we had a chance to meet here in KL.

Even though It was a short visit, we managed to find the time to sit down and discuss, about Islam, and Burmese Muslims.

Yesterday I have received an email from him. I asked his permission to get his mail posted in my blog to share with other brothers and sisters.

Read Sayar U Soe Lwin’s thought derived from the Holy Quran, about the importance of unity and  danger of splitting  among all of us.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo



Dear All,

I am writing a few lines to inform you about my trip to online friends. The whole month of October 2009 I am traveling BKK, KL, NY, Utica.

When I meet online friends in there they welcome me like closed friends or own brother, but we never meet before each other.

When I saw it I feel and more clear on verses of Quran and Surah 3 Aryaah 103 (And hold firmly by Quran of Allah all together and be not disunited. And remember Allah`s favor to you when you were enemies, then He united your hearts so by His favor you became brethren.)

This verse mentions base on disciples of our prophet (peace be upon him) They were pagan Arabs fight each other before Islam. After they believed in Islam they were like owned brethren they sacrificed their lives for other. This verse is example for all believers to tell us by Allah Almighty.

Whoever follow the way of Quran they will love each other among them because Quran guides most upright way. (17:9) And never contradicted its verses. It means one who studied and practiced the Quran from South Pole and another one studied and practiced from North Pole their ideas never contradicted.

But whoever follows the ways of human being or ideas of any other than Quran, he or she will contradict among them. And they will fight each other even they were own brethren.

Because Quran says itself, (Will they not ponder on the Quran in deeply? And if it were from any other than Allah, they would have found in it many  discrepancies.)4:82

As you know verses of Quran never contradicted each other. Our prophet teaching and practicing are only the way of Quran. He is a man of Quran I mean Quran is holy book and he is living Quran. According to the term Sunnah (The way of Quran is supreme law of Almighty, Sunnah is practice of our prophet on Quran. Not the way of any other ideas of our prophet. All his disciples never see other books or other ways and ideas except ideas of Quran. According to Islamic history, there were no other books or other ideas in their time. Also our prophet has no authority to teach or to send any other ideas than Quran.

(Say: (Mohammed) “I follow only that which is revealed to me (Quran) from my Lord”. These are clear proofs from your Lord and a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe.)7:203

(O Messenger, deliver that which has been revealed (Quran) to you from your Lord; and if you do (it) not you has not delivered His message.)chapter 5:67

Above two verses are clear about our prophet never doing teaching and delivering except ideas of Quran.

If our prophet saying or teaching any other ideas outside of Quran, how Allah will take an action on our prophet according to Quran?

See Quran chapter 69:43 to 52

(It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds.)

(And if he (Mohammed) had fabricated against Us certain sayings.)

(We would certainly have seized him by the right hand.)

(Then cut off his heart`s vain.)

(And not one of you could have withheld Us from him.)

(And surely it (Quran) is a reminder for the dutiful.)

(And We certainly know that some of you are rejectors.)

(And it is indeed a (source of) grief to the disbelievers.)

(And surely it (Quran) is the certain truth.)

(So glorify the name of thy Lord, incomparably Great.)

If any body thinking deeply on these verses, Quran and our prophet can not be divided each other. Quran and our prophet were head and tail of a coin. We must believe that our prophet never do or say any ideas other than Quran. Our prophet is a human being and he makes some mistake by unintentionally. Allah reminded him by revelation like Surah 66:1

(O Prophet, why do you forbid (yourself) that which Allah has made lawful for you? Seek you to please your wives? And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.)

If any body thinking on only this verse our prophet can not saying or doing his will. Quran is supreme law of Allah no one is above the law even our prophet.

Therefore the time of Swahaavas (disciples of Prophet) Thaavaeens(disciples of Swahaavas) ThavaThaavaeens (disciples of Thaavaeens) They never saw and never followed other ways than Quran.

Quran mentions about them 61:4

(Surely Allah loves those who fight in His way of life in ranks, as if they were a solid wall likes made by lead)

Above verse means believers are those who loves each other and united they protect other by risk of their lives. Now our time Muslim means those who were fighting and killing each other even in mosques. If any body questions us why Muslims happen like this?                                                                                 Answer is we are the followers of the ways and ideas of human being other than Quran. We can save Ummah to stop fighting each other with only the way of Quran like the time of our prophet, time of Swahavas,Thavaeens,Thava Thavaeen. Because their time they never see other ideas and the ways outside of Quran, only they follow the way of Quran like our prophet.

Our time too many men made ideas and uncountable men made books. All ideas and all books are contradicted each other. We are holding different ideas of men made ideas firmly out of the ideas of the Quran.

We have a lot of sects and claim themselves theirs ways are real way of Our prophet. But all sects are differences their ideas are out of the way of Quran.

But Quran mentions about sectarian. chapter30:32 andchapter6:159.

(Of those who split up their religion and become parties; every sect rejoicing in that which is with it.)

(As for those who split up their religion and became sects (, Mohammed) you has no concern with them. Their affair is only with Allah then He will inform them of what they did.)

These two verses prohibited any sects or ideas of sectarians. According to Quran or book of Jews or Christians including all other sectarians of all religions who split up the unity of their religion become divided into sects, each sect dissipating its energy in wrangling with other, instead of advancing the common cause.

You will think  why U Soe Lwin sends long email about differences between  the idea of Quran and ideas of human being,because you guys are teaching and writing for Muslims by internet with your blogs and webs. If you are writing on your webs and blogs base on Quranic ideas, Ummah will going to be the way of Quran like the time of our prophet and time of Swahavas, Thavaeens, Thava Thavaeens.

If anything is mistaken in my writing please forgive me because I am a human being.

Your Online Friend

U Soe Lwin (peace electric)


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