A Painful irony: Drug Addiction in Islamic World


Look at the above photo. He looks like a typical grandfather from one of the Islamic villages of Afghanistan. But he is not an ordinary grandfather. He is a “Monster Grandfather” as he gives opium pipe to his grandchild as you can see in the photo below.


And women became addicted to Opium.


Afghanistan is second after Iran in production of Opium on this planet earth.

By looking at these pictures will be embarrassing for the Muslims as an elderly Muslim man is doing something which is totally against the teaching of Islam.


Again, these pictures testified that how ignorant is this old man and his tribes. The root cause of this kind of ignorance is poverty and lack of education.

Who are responsible? Responsible people are the society around them, the politicians, the governments, and the powers that makes people to be in very primitive stage. So that they will not ask anything except from more and more opium.

There are many” Muslim Scholars” in the West Asia.  If they are really working hard to spread the true teaching of Islam, as Sahaba of Prophet (PBUH) done 1400 years ago,we will not find these kinds of extreme cases of ignorance in their areas.

We can blame other people for bringing Wars and exploitation. But when the majority of Muslim societies especially those who are so called leaders and scholars refused to change their attitudes, those who will continue to suffer will be like the people from the above photos which I copied from Big Picture Photoblog.

I am sad to tell all of you the true fact that most of the Muslims do not read the Holy Quran. They may recite few verses of the Holy Quran in daily prayers and special occasions without understanding the precious teaching for this life and hereafter.

People do not understand the teaching of the Holy Quran because they are poor and uneducated. When people fail to understand the true teaching of Islam, they became “so called Muslim” who are in reality, became people whose spirituality is nothing to do with the” true teaching of Islam”.

The painful irony is Muslims are lagging behind quite far not only in know how and technologies but also in the very basic essence of Humanity. While possessing the “most precious Book; the Holy Quran” in their hands, most of them have no idea how to utilize it.

The truth is Allah will protect His religion until the Day of Judgment. But for the people and societies, if the people refused to change their attitudes, Allah SWT will replace with the better people than the current groups of people who are” so called Muslims”.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Original source of photos ‘ the Big Picture photoblog”


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