We need more Burmese Muslims bloggers


During the last few days, I was busy with house cleaning of this weblog. Weblogs or Blogs are the new ways of spreading information in this blogosphere.

When I have decided to start this  blog, it was me who was ready to face the uphill task and challenges of ” writing about Minority Muslim in Burma”

Being a minority Burmese Muslim, I am well aware of the importance of  sharing the matters relating to the faith and  experience of Minority Muslims in Burma(Myanmar)to the others. Burmese Muslims are culturally Burmese who’s faith is Islam. However, there are occasions where they can not participate in certain social and cultural activities, if such activities are against the teaching of Holy Quran.

That is the point, where most of the Burmese Muslims are in dilemma, between the faith and culture. Islam is a flexible religion opposite to common misunderstanding of non Muslims portraying as rigid and inflexible.

For that reason we need to form a society, where we can share our knowledge and experience to form the bridges  among the people of different faiths.

Blogs are the  not one way platforms for  spreading information. They are more than one way, as some bloggers decided to have C Boxes, apart from the ordinary comment box below the post. Bloggers became friends and eventually form a bloggers communities, with the people of  the same interest.

Blog readers can convey their opinions through these channels, of course some of the Burmese bloggers need to lock their C Boxes due to the abuses, and using the vulgar words, that should not be published to the civilized society.

Another important aspect of blogs are the links.These links are important for those who wish to seek knowledge or want to form the social networks for the Burmese Muslims living overseas. If you are lucky, you may find a long lost friend, as Burmese Muslims mostly know each other or their relatives.

We should have links to other Burmese or Myanmar blogs and website as  we read and write in Burmese,and our origin is Burma. When we are saying Burmese Muslims, we must promote, protect the interest of the people and the land where we were born.

I have included simple rating stars and polls at the end of  every post. With just a mouse click, you can at least contribute in the good cause.

We need more Burmese Muslim( Myanmar Muslim) bloggers who will be able to communicate with the people of other faiths to  share the basic fundamental human rights that is “Freedom of worship.”

I would like to encourage those who are young and old, with different kinds  of knowledge and experience, to contribute for Burmese Muslim Society and our motherland, Burma by creating more weblogs to spread the” Words of Love.”


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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