HIV and Cervical Cancer Vaccines, Do Muslims need for protection?

The news were medical breakthrough. Scientists are optimistic about a new HIV vaccines that may reduce the rate of infection down to 30%. Another news was about the UK, NHS decided to give cervical cancer vaccine to teenage girls in the schools nationwide.

Thailand AIDS Vaccine

Terminally ill AIDS patient

At the same time a 14 years old girl from the UK died soon after being given the immunization. Scientists are waiting for the outcome of post morterm results of the girl to determine whether the cause of death is related to vaccine or not.

These vaccines are undeniably for the benefit of potential high risk people .

HIV vaccine will be very useful for health care providers and those who are closely associated with the HIV,AIDs patients.

Cervical Cancer vaccines will prevent the women from HPV( Human Papilloma Virus) infection to the cervix of the sexually active teenage girls.

However the chance of seeing explosion of new HIV/AIDs cases and cervical cancer in future is a reality when look back the history.

After invention of Penicillin, most of the sexually transmitted diseases were effectively treated by the doctors of 50’s. However, most of the youths without strong moral foundation had a license to enjoy free sex with the invent of penicillin after 1960, together with the new tide of Hippie Culture and also due to the stress of Vietnam War.

most of the STD became penicillin resistant. Rate of infanticide and abortion in the west and the US became very high.

When HIV,AIDs came in to the North America, and its  first victim was a very prominent Hollywood Actor, shock wave spread from Hollywood to the whole western Europe. Gay Society became defensive and being shun away by normal people. Men and Women try not to be adulterous not because of anything, but for the fear of contracting HIV.

After few decades, the Scientists are claiming that treating HIV/AIDs is easier than treating Diabetes and Heart Diseases. Only burden that the patient has to bear is the cost of the antiviral medication. People started seeing AIDs as less dangerous and lethal.

The main cause of Cervical Cancer is multiple sex partners. With the invent of Cervical Cancer Vaccine, the teens in the west will involve in more premarital sex.

From the Islamic perspective, these Vaccines are less important for the true Muslims. I am not saying that Vaccines are not for the benefit of people. But I am very sure that  youths will commit more premarital sex as there are means to prevent and treat the consequences, which in reality is not so straight forward.

But for the true Muslim youths who understand very well the teaching of the Holy Quran will avoid the major sin known as Zina, fornication and adultery.

So for those who have Taqwa( fear and respect to Allah) they do not need the vaccine. As long as they are following the divine Law, Insha Allah all of them will be safe. Because Islam strictly prohibit premarital sex and Adultery.

Even if  the scientist give garuntee, 100% safety for any of these sexually transmitted diseases, no genuine Muslims will commit the sin that are strictly prohibited by the Creator.

Islam is the Religion, that provide all mankind the Divine law and also teach us how to implement into our daily life. If all of us sincerely look into recent global economic crisis to emergence of new diseases the primary cause is the human who failed to follow the law of the Creator, Allah, SWT.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


2 thoughts on “HIV and Cervical Cancer Vaccines, Do Muslims need for protection?

  1. Amina says:

    This rationale makes no sense. Lets say hypothetically speaking one of these “true” Muslims… (wait, *scans Qur’an for the definition of an “untrue” one… I will get back with you on that) is sexually assaulted by a stranger, or her infidelous husband brings her home a disease…. or vice versa. Lets say she/he has a lapse in judgement, and makes Tawbah…

    you did get the Allah knows best part right:)

  2. kyawkyawoo says:

    Thank you for your comment.What you have said is correct for the victims of abuse, rape, or unfortunate victims of war.
    What I am trying to highlight in this post is all a about ” True Muslims” society, or people of ” True Islamic State”.
    My point of view is base on increased incidence STDs after invention of Penicillin, increased incidence of abortions and infanticides, after ” so called” developed countries legalized criminal abortion ( known as slippery slope theory).
    Since we are living in the world which is not perfect, we have to accept the preventive immunization for those who are living in imperfect society.
    My intention here is to encourage new generation of Muslims to have open mind to see the problems, we all are facing right now from the bigger perspective.

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