Jermaine Jackson About Islam, Muslim and Michael Jackson

Youtube Video link.. Interview with Jermaine Jackson

A few days ago, I have searched in Internet about Michael Jackson’s alleged reversion into Islam. There were few links about his faith that turned into Islam by the help of two Canadian Muslims, who are also from the Entertainment Business.

Afterward, I have decided not to write a post about his faith as I am not so sure about his reversion.The matter is private between him and Allah SWT.

This morning I woke up with the news of his demise.I am not Micheal’s fan, but somehow sympathize him for so much of controversial stories pop up here and there together with waning popularity in recent years.

Undeniable fact is he has an  electrifying voice with creativity. Pop music is not my taste but still able to listen some of his lyrics, such as “Keep the faith” and ” We are the world”.

When I turned on BBC News, I found his brother Jermaine Jackson, requesting to respect the privacy of his family during this tragic time. I have noted he used the word “Allah “ in this short interview.

To me Michael Jackson, like all other human, has just started his eternal journey. If he dies as a Muslim, we should thanks to Allah, for allowing him to start the journey, exactly as when he was born, a Muslim.

Jermaine Jackson’s interview is interesting for those readers who wish to know more about reversion to Islam and the faith of Jackson  family.


Kyaw Kyaw Oo


11 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson About Islam, Muslim and Michael Jackson

  1. nafla bahri says:

    first if it is true he become muslim may allah rest him in peace and fogive him all his sins (Amin) Im 45 but i feel we grew up together why we open our eyes and we hear Michael he use to be my fan when he was in Jackson five than alost enterest when i grew up to see that he was alost child but after i watched his 1st concert he touched my heart to see how talented he was and grew up without proper chilhood just music from that day i stated praying for him n say one day he will become a Muslim.

  2. m.jackson died a muslim says:

    he was born as a muslim and he died as a muslim may allha forgive his sins evey humanbeing is born has a muslim thats what islam says may allah give his family and friends and his fans the imaan and the streath threw this diffeclet time ameen

  3. R.I.P says:

    i am not a music fan or m.jackison fan but i liket m.jackison as a humanbeing what i liket about mike was he was a wunder full man who had a soft tuch approch to humanbeings around him who wouldent hurt any one and who would always had respect and love for people around him

  4. kabir says:

    i luv……….. micheal not b’coz he is a musicain but bcoz he is a legend…plz dnt ask me why coz no one can call gorge w bush a legend but a stubborn grass corpper

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