Did Michael Jackson revert to Islam in his last days?

I am a person who stick to the principle that  the status of Islam is nothing to do with  conversion of Celebrities. Islam is the religion of Allah. Allah will protect his religion. A knowledgeable  person should be able to differentiate between the faith and the conduct of  groups of people who called themselves  Muslims.

At the same time , I am also a person who always seek the truth.

When there were rumors spreading that Michael Jackson has  converted into Islam a few months ago, I did not pay much attention. I stood  by my principle.

But when I have heard the news of his demise, and when I noticed that most major news stations seems to ignore to report about his faith, than  I could not stop thinking that is  an act of  intentional  omission !

I am fully aware of the fact that the faith of a person  is a matter between him and Allah.At the same time the act of downplaying his religious faith while digging all his biography from A to Z is unfair to Micheal Jackson and the people who loved him.

Following are the youtube videos and links about Michael conversion. At the same time I will not be surprised if the news turn out to be other way round.

New York Post: Michael Jackson Accepts Islam

We should not forget the request of Jermaine Jackson’s request to respect the privacy of the family, at the same time those professional media people should report unbiased news coverage of his death.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw oo


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