Sajdah al-tilaawah

Sajdat al-tilaawah with Myanmar Translations

Sajda E Tilawat

Sajdah Tilawat is the Sajdah that one has to perform as an obligatory duty when one reads, recites, or hears, in the prayer or outside, some specific verses containing those words from the Holy Quran.

Q. 1) If the Ayat of Sajjda is heard while listening to Tape/Radio, is it necessary to perform the Sajjda Tilawat?

A. 1) If the Aayat of Sajdah is heard on tape recorder or played on radio, Sajda Tilaawat is not necessary. If the recitation is live on Radio, Sajda Tilawat is necessary.

Q. 2) During the month of Ramadan the mosque speakers are used in the Taraweeh. The voice is also heard outside the mosque. As the whole Quran is recited in the Taraweeh and obviously Ayaat of Sajjda are also recited. Now a person sitting at his home hears those Ayaat, is he going to perform those Sajjda Tilawat?

A. 2) Yes.

Q. 3) What is the correct way to do Sajda Tilawat? Do we need to say Takbir and give salam to both sides like in salat?

A.) Sajda-e-Tilawat is simply to make sajda by saying Allahu-Akbar, going into sajda, and reciting three times ‘Subhaana rabbi-al a’alaa’. There is no need to stand or even raise the hands, as one would do when commencing Salat. There is also no salam on any side after making the sajda. And Allah Knows Best.
Following verse of the Holy Quran is among the fifteen other verses of the Holy Quran that a Muslim need to do an obligatory prostration known as  Sajda E Tilawat, immediately after the recitation or  upon hearing the recitation of the verse.

Surah22 Verse 18 says

See you not that whoever is in the heavens and whoever is on the earth,and the sun,and the moon,and the stars,and the mountains and the trees, and Ad-Dawaab [moving (living) creatures , beasts],many of mankind prostrate themselves to Allah. But there are many (men) on whom the punishment is justified. And whomsoever Allah disgrace, none can honor him. Verily Allah does what He wills.

solar01Above diagram reminds all of us how small we are in this solar system

Sun920607This photo shows the actual Sun and Solar spots. The two spots at the middle of the Sun near equator are Sun spots which are  about  the size of our planet Earth.

sun1This last photo of the Sun was recently taken from the earth. The two dots at the left middle area ofthe photo  are the NASA space shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble Space Telescope  seen  side by side during solar transit,at an altitude of 600 km (375 miles) and they zipped across the sun in only 0.8 seconds. (Photo-The big picture phtoblog)

All of us were impressed by the advanced technology and the skill  of NASA space shuttle crews  on the latest flight that was to rescue the ailing Hubble Space Telescope.

But to me, looking at these photos reminds me the Power of the Creator Allah SWT, and His Mercy to all of us in this universe.

Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990. In less than two decades the man made telescope need a major repair. But all of us forget  the fact that the planet Earth that we are living in together with the Solar System were running in their orbits for  4.5 billion years without a single minor repair job required.

But the day of judgment will arrive on the appointed time for all of us and the Universe will be transformed into a dimension that is beyond our comprehension. Holy Quran clearly stated that is the day that we all have to pay back according to our deeds.

May Allah bless all of us with the knowledge to become the good Muslims who will bring peace and love among all of us.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

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3 thoughts on “Sajdah al-tilaawah

  1. Thaslima says:

    Assalamu alaikum brother…
    ur article is really nyc…. Masha Allah
    n it really made me to think about the day of resurrection n i got scared in my heart…
    Jazakallah khair

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