Hundred Years Old Mosque demolished by DKBA in Karen State Myanmar

This is the third Mosque which was demolished by the DKBA, a splinter Buddhist Karen group closely associated with the Military Junta of Myanmar.  destroyed-mosque-kha-law-thaw-villageA Destroyed Mosque in Kha Law Thaw Village

The Mosque, which was more than hundred years old, was completely demolished on 2.5.2009,7:15 AM, by a group of more than fifty people led by  ten armed DKBA soldiers, in Ka Tine Ki Village, which is in the township of Pharpun, in the Karen State of Myanmar.

The last and frantic appeal by the various Muslim Originations to prevent the demolishing order given by DKBA Spiritual Leader, Abbot U Thuzana of Myaing Gyi Ngu, met with the deaf ears from the Myanmar Military Junta or SPDC.

letter-to-than-shwerThe appeal letter to Senior General Than Shwe

Abbot U Thuzana ,allegedly had a dream that there was an old pagoda underneath the Mosque. Subsequently he had given an order to demolish the Mosque to local DKBA armed group.

Later all the Muslim groups desperately turned to the regional commander, General Zaw Min to prevent the destruction. General Zaw Min only replied that “If the Abbot wants it to be destroyed, let him do it, and we will find a new piece of land for the Mosque later”.

Local village head, Aung Myo also reminded the Muslim villagers about their shaky minority status and safety, just one day before the destruction.

This is the third Mosque destroyed by order of the DKBA Spiritual Leader, Abbot U Thuzana. The previous Mosques destroyed by his orders were at Nabu Village and Tha Khut Phoe Village.

Karens are one of the most friendly ethnic groups of Myanmar. Previously, there were no discrimination against Muslims in the Karen State until DKBA became  powerful while Christian dominated KNU became weak  in recent months due to systemetic onslaught of Military Junta and DKBA troups.


3 thoughts on “Hundred Years Old Mosque demolished by DKBA in Karen State Myanmar

  1. navedz says:

    This is unacceptable act becaue of extreme misguidance and hypocrisy; by Abbot U Thuzana. May Allah do justice. Ameen!

  2. ttk says:

    The Mosque demolished only on 2/5/09. Why the photo of the destroyed mosque can took 26/1/09 four month earlier.

  3. kyawkyawoo says:

    The photo is destroyed Mosque in Kha Law Thaw village not from Ka Tine Ki Village.
    The Mosque in the photo was destroyed earlier than (The Mosque of) Ka Tine Ki Village.

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