Why pork is forbidden for Muslims

Islam ဘာသာဝင္မ်ားဝက္ ၏အသားကိုဘာေၾကာင့္မစားရသလဲ

ခပ္တိုတိုနဲ႕လိုရင္းကိုေျဖရရင္ေတာ့ဖန္ဆင္းရွင္ Allah က စားခြင့္မ



ဆုံးပိတ္ေကာင္းကင္က်က်မ္းျဖစ္တဲ့အတြက္ လူသားေတြအတြက္ေန႕စဥ္

လူေနမႉဘဝက်န္းမာေရး၊လူမႉေရးမွသည္ ျပန္လည္အစားေပးရမည့္ေန႕ေတာ္ၾကီးအတြက္




Islam ဘာသာဝင္အားလုံးကေတာ့ ဝက္သားကို Allah ရဲ့အမိန္႕ေတာ္ျဖစ္တဲ့




အခုဝက္တုပ္ေကြး ၾကီး ကမာၻပတ္မဲ့လမ္းျမင္ေတာ့မွ


ုဝက္တုပ္ေကြးကိုဝက္သားစားလို႕ မကူးေပမဲ့ဝက္


ေဖာ္ျပထားတဲ့ ပုံ တခုမွာဆိုထားပါတယ္။

ဝက္သည္ လူတုပ္ေကြး ငွက္တုပ္ေကြး ဝက္တုပ္ေကြး ဗိုင္းရပ္ေတြကို

သူ႕ကိုယ့္ထဲမွာေပါင္းစပ္ ဗီဇေျပာင္းေစျပီးလူအျခင္းျခင္းကိုကူးစက္ႏိုင္တဲ့ Swine

Flu ျဖစ္ေစပါတယ္။

Islam ဘာသာဝင္ေတြအေနနဲ႕ Allah ရဲ့ေက်းဇူးေတာ္ကိုသတိရၾကဖို႕နဲ႕





The Holy Quran clearly stated that pork is forbidden for the Muslims. Holy Quran was revealed 1400 years ago, and the Bible and Torah also mentioned the swine as filthy and unhygienic animal.

In the Holy Quran, Allah says

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which hath been invoked a name other than that of Allah.” (Al-Ma’idah: 3)

the Bible prohibits the consumption of pork,

in the book of Leviticus: “…and the swine, as he divideth the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you. Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch, they are unclean to you.”

Pork is also prohibited in the book of Deuteronomy: “And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you. Ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcass.” (Deuteronomy chapter 14 verse )

Swine were used as garbage cleaner until last 50 years ago in the most part of the world as, the animal like to eat all sort of garbage. Spreading worms to human is a well known problem however there are numerous diseases spread due to consumption of pork. These facts are unknown to layperson as  Pig Breeding is a Multi billion  dollar business and all the news that related to swine diseases were never been publicized.

The following slides, copied from BBC web site clearly show why we should not eat  pork.

slide01Flu viruses mutate over time causing small changes to proteins on their surface called antigens. If the immune system has met a particular strain of the virus before, it is likely to have some immunity; but if the antigens are new to the immune system, it will be weakened.


The influenza A virus can mutate in two different ways; antigenic drift, in which existing antigens are subtly altered, and antigenic shift, in which two or more strains combine. Antigenic drift causes slight flu mutations year on year, from which humans have partial, but not complete, immunity. By contrast, the new strain of H1N1 appears to have originated via antigenic shift in Mexican pigs
Antigenic shift in pigs
The name “swine flu” is a slight misnomer as it is believed pigs acted as a mixing pot for several flu strains, containing genetic material from pigs, birds and humans. Most humans have never been exposed to some of the antigens involved in the new strain of flu, giving it the potential to cause a pandemic.
Virus transmission to humans
The new virus has made the jump from pigs to humans and has demonstrated it can also pass from human to human. This is why it is demanding so much attention from health authorities. The virus passes from human to human like other types of flu, either through coughing, sneezing, or by touching infected surfaces, although little is known about how the virus acts on humans.

My point in this post is Muslims were subject to abuse by using pork in Muslim minority countries (teasing by friends, to insult the religion).  We were asked by our friends why we are avoiding one of the most delicious meat of this world.

Our answer is we follow the guideline of the Holy Quran.As I have explained in the post Abnormal Sexual Behavior and its punishments,that Law of Allah is to protect the mankind from these types of diseases.

Scientists  will be searching for the cause and effects and its proof, but the more they find  the more they will realize that  Allah’s guidelines in the Holy Quran is always correct and perfect until the Day of Judgment.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


2 thoughts on “Why pork is forbidden for Muslims

  1. Aprilia says:

    Hello my brother, Kyaw Kyaw Oo!!

    I’m Aprilia, moslema of Indonesia.
    I’m student of UI (University of Indonesia)…
    may i link this site to my site??

    I like your post, i hope you’ll write more about our religion, islam, even i don’t know your post in Burmese language.
    n so many people know islam as peace religion..
    i need your information about Burmese Muslim. How are they??
    stand up!!

    Ok, thank you,,,, Allah bless us. Amin

  2. kyawkyawoo says:


    Dear Sister,
    Thank you for your comment. I would like to visit your site as current URL does not bring me to your page.
    If you see XXXXXXX means I am writing in Myanmar Language, most of my posts are in bi lingual.
    I would like to share about Myanmar Muslim Minority to the fellow Muslim bloggers.

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