Abnormal Sexual behaviors and its punishments

by Kyaw Kyaw Oo

I do not wish to write in detail about what are the sexual acts against the nature. Islam allows mankind to enjoy the healthy sex life, at the same time for those who transgress the law of Allah, such as Zena (Adultery), homosexuality and abnormal sexual acts, the punishment is severe.

I have read the news about Singapore Government legalizing the oral sex in hetero-sexual partners a year ago.

The following news today is from BBC science. The finding suggests that those who performed  Oral Sex, have higher chance (nine times higher than normal people) of having Cancer of Throat. The reason is due to the infection of Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV), that causes the Cancer of Cervix in women.

1578638270_6dba551deeOral Candidiasis (Fungal Infection)

Even before the research paper came out, most of the physicians are seeing more and more strange infections of the mouth and throat during the last few decades among sexually active age group. Among them are fungal infections of throats and atypical infections that have never been seen as throat infections before, are becoming the common infection nowadays.


Cancer of Tongue

My purpose of writing this post is not about the epidemiology of these infections, but about the Law of Allah versus man made law.

Law of Allah is from the book called the Holy Quran. Some people criticize Islam for the verses that explained in detail about the taboo subjects such as sex and menstruation. And Allah clearly explained all of us what we can do and what we can not do.

After understating these verses and if people do what is against the teaching of Allah, they will become the transgressors. For these people there will be punishments. But these punishments are indeed to protect the mankind from both social illness and physical illness like I have mentioned above.

Islam is the religion that teaches all mankind about decency, morality, and modesty.

Even, the sensitive subjects such as protection of private parts, and about menstruation are not left to be  interpreted by the people themselves .

There is a guidance for the people who pay heed of the warning that is in the revelation from Allah (SWT).

Allah created mankind and he knows the requirements of his servants. Reproduction is the important function of all the living beings. Without reproduction, there will be no life on this earth.

At the same time it does not mean that the pleasure while doing the reproductive function is not without limitation. Islam clearly defines the Law regarding with this matter, and if a person reads and understands and follow the guidance of Al Quran, he will never face this kind of diseases.

However, when people transgress the Divine Law, they will always face troubles.

Man made laws will change with time; however Laws of Allah will be relevant to the mankind until the Day of Judgment.

Allah knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


5 thoughts on “Abnormal Sexual behaviors and its punishments

  1. navedz says:

    SubhanAllah. Good post brother.

    Allah (SWT), through His infinite Mercy and Grace, has created the human being as the “most noble and honourable creation”. If he adorns himself with the noble character and teachings of the noble Prophet (SAW), he surpasses even the angels in honour. On the contrary, if he neglects the beautiful teachings of Islam, he will stoop lower than the animals in disgrace. Despite all apparent enjoyments and life of glamour, he will be nothing more than a corpse shrouded in beautiful and expensive clothing.

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