Indonesia Tightening The Rules on Polygamy

The Jakarta Post ,  JAKARTA   |  Mon, 03/02/2009 8:56 AM  |  Headlines

A government-sponsored bill on marriage could see unregistered and contractual marriages banned, while polygamous marriages could end in jail sentences and fines if conducted in violation of procedures.

The religious court on marriage bill threatens to jail couples — for up to three months, with fines of up to Rp 5 million (US$415) — for tying the knot without either the proper documents or the presence of an authorized religious official.

State officials who help administer illegal marriages would also face a maximum jail sentence of one year and/or fines of up to Rp 6 million.

Nasaruddin Umar, director general of Islamic guidance at the Religious Affairs Ministry, told The Jakarta Post on Sunday the bill was aimed at curbing unregistered marriages and protecting women.

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I have found the following comment in  The Jakarta Post very interesting.


Kyaw KyawOo


–>We should support government’s program to ban the unregistered and contractual and polygamous marriages. Even though this effort could not give a guarantee that men will automatically protect women and children from the unsecured condition, at least there is still a moral movement from government to reduce the numbers of immoral men in our country.

The main problem of this case is about how to find the legal Muslim leaders or Ulemas. Nowadays there are too many Indonesian Muslims who admit themselves as the Muslim leaders. It seems that they feel free to be the Muslim leaders by only doing the simple things such as giving Islam teachings to other Muslim communities and then they will be called “Ulema”. Unfortunately, this condition makes men, especially who pro-polygamies and pro-free sexes, feel free to fulfill their sexual desires because they can find easily Muslim leaders who help them “nikah siri”. I think Government should also administer the legal Muslim leaders who have special tasks and rights to make a couple legal marriages outside the institution of KUA.


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