Characteristics of Hypocrites

Hypocrisy is of two types, namely:

A. Hypocrisy in Belief,

B.  Hypocrisy in deeds and actions,

A. Hypocrisy in Belief,

There are six aspects of hypocrisy in Belief:

1. To deny the Messenger, ( Muhammed PBUH).

2. To deny some of all that was brought by the Messenger, (Muhammed PBUH). ( Examples; The Quran, the Sunnah,laws and principal of Islam)

3.To hate the Messenger, (Muhammed PBUH).

4.To hate some of that which was brought by the Messenger, (Muhammed PBUH).  Example Islamic Monotheism,

5.To feel happy at the disgrace of or the set-back for the religion of Allah’s Messenger, ( Muhammed PBUH).

6. To dislike that the religion of Allah’s Messenger (Islamic Monotheism)become victorious (not being pleased at the victory of Islam).

A person having these six types (of hypocrisy) will be in the lowest depths(grade)of the Fire (Hell) ( Quran 4:145)

B.  Hypocrisy in deeds and actions,

The signs of a hypocrite are;

1.Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie.

2. Whenever he promises, he always break his promises.

3. If you trust him, he proves to be dishonest, (if you keep something as trust with him, he always not return it.)

4. Whenever he quarrels, he behaves in a very imprudent,evil, insulting manner.

5.Whenever he makes a covenant, he proves himself treacherous.

Dear readers, after reading this, reflect who are the Hypocrites around you.

Allah Knows the best,

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Source ; The Noble Quran English Translation, (English Translation  of the meanings and Commentary, by Dr Muhammed Taqi ud Din  al  Hilali and Dr  Muhammed Mushin Khan )Page 906.


3 thoughts on “Characteristics of Hypocrites

  1. kyawkyawoo says:

    Dear Sister,
    I am not so sure those hypocrites around us will under stand what hypocrisy is!
    To me hypocrisy is worse than a silent cancer for a Person as he does not aware of the kind of affliction that caused by Ibilis to his brain.

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