Islamization , Is it possible in Burma ?

When I try to type this post in Microsoft Word, the word Islamization is in “red”, which means, wrong spelling. When I click the word to check the spelling, Illumination, Visualization are the suggested spellings from the Microsoft Word built- in dictionary.

In other words,Islamization is not in the dictionary, but the word is undeniable most widely used  by the western news and media almost every day.

Anyway, today I am going to write about Islamization which is not in the dictionary of Microsoft Word, but most widely used elsewhere.

Islam is the religion that preaches love and peace. That was the reason why during the Cold War, Islam was not attacked by any of the groups.

After the collapse of Soviet Union and major policy shift in China, Western Democracies acted very fast to gain territories and to maximize their political influence. Middle East, now without the mighty back up of USSR was their prime target. They have started propaganda war against Islam. Most of the people in the Islamic countries are poor, uneducated and relying on the Western World which is why they are unable to counter the offensive of Western World.

Less than in a decade, most of the Middle Eastern Countries were directly or indirectly subservient to the Western World. Those stubborn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have fallen even faster than those who chose to accept the monopoly of West indirectly.

That is the summary of the global political climate all of us should know.

Now, what about Muslim Minority Groups of this world? They are in great trouble.

When the time, even oil rich Islamic Countries are playing safe with the Western World, situation of the Muslim Minorities are precarious.

During the Communist Era, the whole world seemed to hate the Communists. The words Communist and Communist insurgency were widely used as headlines of all the newspapers. Now, these words are replaced by Islamic Fundamentalists and terrorists. But, Communism is a man made political system which is also same as democracy.

There is no way we can compare Communism with Islam, but world superpowers are effectively made Islam worse than communism in terms of image to ignorant non Islamic Society.

Burmese Muslims are among the one of the soft targets. Islam presence in Burma has been for Centuries, but no one has talked about Islamization in Burma. No one worry about Burmese Society is going to be taken over by Islamic Fundamentalists.

This is the time when most of the Burmese people are looking for the democracy as the only hope and way out from the oppressive Military Junta. World’s democratic countries have given so much of hope to the Burmese people during last several decades, and most of the Burmese Middle Class have migrated to the Democratic Countries.

Many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

Sir Winston Churchill (Speech in the House of Commons 11.11.1947)

So far Democratic System seemed to be the best model for the Secular States, however so called these Democratic States labelled Islam as terrorists’ religion. Thus capitalist democracy revealed its own imperfection,  and woes like its predecessors.

Those who do not understand the real political dynamics of this world started participating in the all out war against Islam, without understanding the real agenda behind.

Burmese Muslims are in very difficult situation. They have shown that they are same as Burmese brothers of other faiths, especially with Buddhists in Saffron revolution. For that they were punished far worst than ordinary Burmese as Military Junta has no mercy on their own Buddhists monks. Burmese Muslims alike ordinary Burmese have been suffered under the brutal Military Regime for several decades, and they suffered extra discrimination such as denying citizenship and travel restriction. They were not allowed to worship even as a group in their home together with their Christian brothers.

In every group of people in the society there will be some bad apples. By looking at some bad apples and generalizing the whole society is out right injustice even with democratic values and standards.

I feel sad, sorry, and disillusioned due to the attitude of some of the intellectuals?? Who seems to be dedicated for democratic reform in Burma were easily caught up in the recent tide of Islamophobia.

Islam is the religion of love and peace and no one will be forced to practice Islam as Holy Quran clearly stated that

“There is no compulsion in religion” Holy Quran 2:256.

There are Jews and Christians in Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and many other Muslim Countries for many Centuries.

Islamization , Is it possible in Burma ?

My answer to the post title is Muslim Minority in Burma will be clinging on to their faith they believe, according to the Creator Allah’s guidelines. Since Islam is not a man made political ideology, Muslims will not renounce their faith. However the current situation in Burmese politics clearly demonstrated that there is a great risk for the Burmese Muslims people of being eliminated as a minority group.

Forget about Islamization in Burma. Be ware of elimination!

Allah knows the best.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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