Democracy, Double Standard and War on Gaza


by Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Israel claimed to be a democratic country. Israel people voted and they have the government of their choice. Israel people overwhelmingly approved the current Gaza massacre (91% approved yesterday).

Palestine too had democratic election a couple of years ago. Hamas has won in landslide. Palestinian people overwhelmingly approved Hamas to be their government.

But Israel and most of the Western Democracy countries, including the US have said “No” to Hamas led Government. Instead they wanted to see the Fata group who has lost in election to rule the Palestine.

So called democratic countries want to see the democratically elected government to be replaced by the people who have lost in election?

Sounds funny?

Then double standard of Democratic countries finally revealed.

First, they put the pressure on Hamas Government and at the same time tactfully made that Government difficult in every aspect of governing Palestine. Subsequently they successfully persuaded another faction of Palestine to fight against Hamas.

But Palestine people are still supporting Hamas Government. Then, Western Democratic countries called Hamas as a terrorist organization.

That means millions of Palestine who voted for Hamas Government, and who are trapped in Israel created massive jail of Gaza, are terrorists?

Now Israel is trying to eliminate the one and half million terrorists in Gaza according to the Democratic principals. Its main supporters, who are the mother of Democratic Countries, are helping to eliminate those women, children, terrorists from Gaza to be eliminated and replaced by the Government of their choice.

Shame to those so called Democrats with pathetic double standard!

This is only the lame excuse to eliminate a race that is threat to the “Chosen people”. Due to the Zionist Israel latest war on Gaza, those who were unaware of what has been quietly unfolding in the Middle East before are started asking questions against the Israel and its supporters.

Those who can reflect will see the truth, through the War on Gaza .

However those who are deceived, and defiantly disobey the rule of Creator will never find the truth.

Allah knows the best

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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