Photo update, Gaza Killings

arrestedpalestineA Palestine youth who was arrested by IDF was stripped to naked (Big Picture phtoblog)

israelf15Israel F15 in Action

gazabombmosqueA Bomb explosion in Gaza

bombcraterA Bomb crater in Gaza

deadchild1Preparing dead child body to be burried

prayingsoldiersAn Israel soldier praying before action

datafiles_cache_tempimgs_2009_1_images_news_2009_01_05_slain-children_1_300_01Gaza Dead Children (source the voice of palestine)

dogkilledIsrael people look at  a dog killed by the Hamas ‘s rocket

Source of Photos ((Big Picture phtoblog)


4 thoughts on “Photo update, Gaza Killings

  1. shams says:

    what i am concernd about is being cairlessness of
    bush aganst war in gaza
    he is really stupeid guy and never payes attention for killing civillans in gaza
    he himselfe is a big terrorsit of america i can st

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