Prayers for Gaza (Share Yours)

Following article is from Islam Online, I think all of us should share the essence of this post.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Prayers for Gaza (Share Yours)

By  Living Shari`ah Staff

One time after performing prayer, the imam turned to us and said, “I’ll ask you a question, and by Allah, please be honest in your reply. Have you prayed for your Muslim brothers and sisters who are in crises, like those in Palestine and elsewhere? If you did, please raise your hands.”

Even though the mosque was packed, no more than ten people raised their hands. When he saw this, he said, “How come some claim they are going to donate money or even sacrifice their lives for people whom they do not even include in their prayers for mercy from Allah?!”

After I heard that, I wondered, “When I say that I love my Muslim brothers and sisters, am I true to myself?” If I want to, then I should act in accordance with what I believe in and with what I say.

Dear brothers and sisters, as du`aa’ (Arabic for: supplication) is the weapon of the believer and one of our duties toward distressed Muslims, then let’s be up to our duty by always remembering them in our du`aa’.

What is the du`aa’ you invoke Allah with to help Gazans in their current plight? Tell us and we will say “Amen”!

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