Gaza Hospitals, only 24 ventilators available in ICUs

If someone uses the missiles or bombs to flatten the concrete buildings, the unfortunate people inside the building are blasted together with concrete and iron bars.


Those who were directly hit by sophisticated Israel fire power died immediately. Some melted together with the twisted iron bars in post blast inferno.

Up to this time, 318 people from Gaza were confirmed dead and 1400 people injured.

Among the injured Palestinians, some of them are in critical condition. Severe burn, blood loss and shock from major injuries, Head injury and Coma are among the some of the critical injuries.

Those who are in coma due to head injury or those who are unable to breath by their own due to severe chest injury must be on the life supporting systems in Intensive Care Units (ICU) in the hospitals.


This man has lost his five daughters due to Israel missile attack

I  have watched Aljazeera news showing the ICU in a Gaza Hospital. A 13 years old girl was on a ventilator, fighting for her dear life as she was in deep coma due to the missile blast to the pharmacy where she has been working as a dispenser.

A doctor in ICU explained the chaotic situation in the hospital. All 24 ventilators are fully utilized. That translate to those who will be brought in to the hospital in future with critical injuries may not have the life supporting system.

They need everything from the needle, blood, to doctors and nurses who are trained to handle this magnitude of emergency situations.

Israel called this attack as fight against terrorist Hamas.

But what I have seen from the TV screen is the scene of terror of the one and a half million of defenseless people of Gaza. Drones were flying and attack helicopters hovering and after few seconds thick smoke and fire balls billowed in the densely populated residential area.

Later, at a closer look, the targets are found out to be Mosques and an Islamic University.

Israel Foreign Minister Livni, a beautiful lady, claimed that these places are hide outs for the Hamas Militants. Those who are in the air conditioned cockpit of the state of the art fighter jets and attack helicopters will continue pulling the triggers with cold blood. For them, they will see things in the computer screens as though playing the video games.

But the real chaotic scene over the ground with blood, scream, and cries of the real human beings in Gaza seems to be unheard not only by the killer Israel but also by the leaders of Arab neighbors.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo

Some important historical facts

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty almost 30 years ago. When it comes to ordinary Egyptians, however, Israel is still viewed as an enemy and a threat to national security. “If Gaza is left to be gobbled up by the Zionists, Cairo’s turn will be next,” the students chanted again. They called upon the Government to open the Rafah border crossing, an area on the border between Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip that is considered by many as Gaza’s only gate to the outside world under a relentless blockade Israel has been imposing on the enclave since Hamas took over a year and a half ago.


One thought on “Gaza Hospitals, only 24 ventilators available in ICUs

  1. Haleemar says:

    So sad to know that. May Allah help soon.
    Brother, thanks for visiting my blog and give me detail of Quran and books. Now I got what I am looking for. Appreciated.


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