A Little more about this weblog

Myanmar is the country with the estimated population of 54 million. Muslims population, according to the official sources is around 4% of the total population. That is about 2million.

Independent sources estimate that the actual Muslim population in Myanmar may be up to 8 million, if the statistics include the Rohingya Muslims, the people who are staying in Rakhine State, near border to Bangladesh.
Muslims are the minority people in Myanmar, where majorityof the people  are Buddhists.  Christianity, and Hindism are the other minority religions after Islam.

This blogger can not stop wondering how many Myanmar Muslims have access to this blog.

Surprisingly,there are some Myanmar Muslims, who tried to communicate to this blogger and telling him that they have been reading  this  blog .
At the same time, non Muslim brothers and sisters might be accidentally bumped into this blog.

I have decided to write  some of the  posts in Burmese language, for Myanmar Muslim youths who prefer to read in their own language. It is also meant for the brothers and sisters of other religions in Myanmar to get a glimpse into the world of Myanmar Muslims.

Most of  Myanmar Muslims are culturally Myanmar. Not all of them have  blood relationship with the people from Western Asian countries as they are currently forced to accept by the authorities of Myanmar.

Apart from Burmese Muslims, there are significant numbers of Muslims in other ethnic group especially among Karens. There are Chinese Muslims who are known as Pan Thays as a part of  large Muslim Community in Shan States which is close to the Yunan State of China.

Muslims in Burma are diverse but for the last several hundred years, their ancestors were peacefully living  together with other race and religions of Myanmar.

The other  purpose of this blog  is to form the bridges and understanding among the great religions of Myanmar and to refute the claims that Myanmar Muslims are not  tolerant people.

Non Burmese readers will see xxxxxx font if your computer is not installed to read the Zawgyi Burmese font.
Insha Allah,(If God willing) hope to produce better posts in both Burmese and English language in future.
Kyaw Kyaw OO


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