Hurricane Ike and Signs of the Creator

United States is the most powerful country of this earth. However, US State of Texas is facing the one of the biggest Hurricane which is filling the whole gulf of Mexico.

As a Burmese whose country was recently pounded by Cyclone Nargis that cause more than 100,000 dead and Million homeless, I could understand the fear, anxiety, frustration of the feeling of people staying on the path of Hurricane.

Those who do not believe in the Creator call Mother Nature. Atheist Scientists call Intelligent Design. We as believers know that that is the might of the Power of Creator.

At the same time Allah name is Rahman, the Most Merciful and All Merciful.

We will never understand the purpose,but one thing for sure is Allah (SWT) show his might, when people have forgotten him.

According to CNN news..

Residents along Galveston Bay in Texas “face certain death” if they don’t leave home before Hurricane Ike roars ashore, the National Weather Service warns.

Forecasters expect Ike, a Category 2 storm, to strengthen before its center makes landfall late Friday or early Saturday. The storm is so big that it fills most of the Gulf of Mexico.

Roughly 3.5 million people live in the storm’s impact zone, according to federal estimates.

The weather service painted a vivid picture in its warning of the destruction it expects: a towering wall of water, possibly up to 22 feet high, crashing over the Galveston Bay shoreline as the brunt of Ike comes ashore. That wall of water could send floodwaters surging into Houston, more than 20 miles inland.

Recently Scientists in Europe tried to re enact the Big Bang, and claimed that the test was successful to justify the billions of dollars they have spent.

To me there are Signs of Creator for those who reflect. However men will never be able to prove the existence of Creator by research, or equations and Instrument.

Only way to find the Creator is Submission to his will and follow his guidance.

May Allah (SWT)save the innocent lives of people of Texas.

Kyaw Kyaw Oo


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